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Formentera´s hand-picked properties for the Perfect Hideaway

Villas to rent in Formentera

Enjoy the Benefit of Peace & Tranquility

The island of Formentera is blessed with wonderfully diverse landscapes, from white sandy beaches to traditional flat-farmed land and it's inbetween one and the other we find the most beautiful villas. It's well preserved environment and protected by Unesco makes this island in the Mediterranean an idyllic refuge for a romantic escape but as well extremely child friendly.

Check our luxury villas to rent in Formentera. This island is ideal for those who seek the benefit of peace, tranquility, and gorgeous views in nicely decorated villas in a gem bathed by the crystal Mediterranean Sea. Also known as Ibiza's chilled-out little sister for its beach-lounging, devotee's would not have it any other way.

At Bonder & Co we are in love with its deserted beaches, a culture and passion for food with an Italian influence fused with local farmed products as its famous sun dried figs or its fresh pressed virgin oil. Farmers and fishermen reclaim Formentera's silence. It has no airport and hopefully it will never have so a 20 minutes yacht trip will make this precious dream come true.

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