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Santa Gertrudis

A quiet local gem inside the heart of Ibiza. Beautiful natural surroundings and countryside.

Be part of the bohemian lifestyle of Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis is an inland village situated almost in the geographical center of Ibiza. It is a small town of white houses whose center is formed by a pedestrian crossing streets near the church full of different authentic bars and restaurants. It is widely known in the island that Santa Gertrudis has some of the most traditional and delicious bars of Ibiza where you can dine very well and at a good price. Many foreigners, especially European coming from the north, have fallen in love with the town’s white houses and its typically Mediterranean environment. 

These tourists and expats have brought some bohemian vibe. That’s why it is easy to see people of all nationalities walking through the marina and providing that stylish and hippie environment. The lifestyle that can be enjoyed in this little town is also related to the wide community of musicians, sculptors and artists that inhabit Santa Gertrudis

Perfect Luxury Villas to Stay in Santa Gertrudis

Escaping cold feet from their home countries, many of these international crowd have settled themselves and now live and work in this petite quiet village. There are numerous art galleries set up by them as well; it is common to see penniless bohemians from the good old hippie times wandering the streets looking for a good bargain. In Santa Gertrudis you will find different restaurants set close to each other surrounding the majestic white church in the centre of the village. This is a nice little town where to eat well and on point. It may not have much else to do but nights all year, and especially during summer, the people almost can not cope because of all the visitors coming in. During July and August if you come back from the northern beaches of the island like Benirrás Beach or Portinatx, it is an excellent idea to have a light delicious Spanish tapas and sandwiches in Santa Gertrudis old city town. Our favourite places to eat are: Wild Beets, Musset, Picadeli and Sluiz. You will not be disappointed by them, trust us!

The big day Santa Gertrudis local festivities is the 16th November. During these festive dates, locals perform various acts throughout the week. For example tasting workshops of local products, food stalls and tents, music and regional dances. Overall, Santa Gertrudis is a quiet and relaxed place that escapes the hustle of Ibiza’s Old Town and some other locations in the island. Perfect, as we mentioned before, for people who wish to disconnect from the outside world and enjoy peaceful summer holidays away from large tumultuous crowds. Nevertheless, this does not mean that San Gertrudis lies in the middle of nowhere! Taking the car, or having your own private chauffeur can grant you careless access to all Ibizan venues around. The island’s nightlife is only 15 to 20 minutes away from the centre of this small town and easy to access. So don’t worry if you decide to come with your large group of friends and you all want to go to the most luxurious area of Ibiza. 

A key question many travelers ask themselves when coming over Santa Gertrudis is: where should I stay? Is there appropriate accommodation in the area for me to rent? And here is the solution: whether you are traveling with kids looking for a family-friendly summer holidays in Ibiza, or you want to have a great time surrounded by dear friends in large groups, there are several luxury villas awaiting in Santa Gertrudis. Given the low density of tourists, you will not find many hotels or apartments in the area. However, Santa Gertrudis has lovely countryside deluxe villas from where to enjoy excellent views of inland Ibiza. These exclusive homes are perfect for disconnecting from the world and simply dedicate oneself to rest. 

Being in Santa Gertrudis means being right in the middle of Ibiza. It is actually the most comfortable way of traveling around the island if your intention is to discover the hidden corners of Ibiza. Santa Gertrudis will give a real taste of what life in the island can be aside from the crazy nightlife and high-end ambiences. A real local gem to be enjoyed all year round. Compared to other locations in Ibiza, Santa Gertrudis stays true to its essence not only in the months of summer - June, July and August - but also during colder weather forecasts. Its main asset if the nature and landscape. If you are on holiday in Ibiza, come and get lost on the unpaved roads of the most rustic inland side where not a single tourists pays attention to. Worth the stay!