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San Juan

To the north of Ibiza there is a peaceful and authentic village unknown for many but sought after many other.

Quiet and calm San Juan to the North.

The area of San Juan - also known as Sant Joan of Labritja - is a small and quiet town situated in the north of Ibiza, far away from the island’s most touristic spots and turmoil. However, during high summer peak seasons, this small municipality welcomes thousands of travelers who wish to impregnate themselves from the true Ibizan vibe and get to know its traditions. Containing the smallest population of the island, around 4500 citizens, San Juan is considered to be an unspoilt area in Ibiza. Visitors will encounter a charming white village with a beautiful countryside that changes colours during the different seasons. Our luxury villas to rent in this area also follow this style and pattern. Most of these luxurious properties are situated inland, however some of them can also be found by the sea. Luxury villas in San Juan are exquisitely styled and designed to the finest standards. House owners here take into account Ibiza’s old hippie heritage and capture it in their deluxe homes. That is why, guests will be able to choose from a vast array of luxury villas with a hippie and boho vibe. Enjoy magnificent villas with sea views and countryside fincas in Ibiza’s north coast. Given the calm nature of this part of the island, these upscale homes are thought for large families coming over with their kids. Child-friendly villas in Ibiza are a big thing, and San Juan is one of those welcoming areas in which most of them are situated!

The mot exclusive villas to rent in San Juan

Lovely unexplored woodlands shape San Juan and its rural extensions of other smaller villages. When traveling north to the island, tourists will find a magnificent coastline composed of high cliffs and authentic Ibizan natural habitat often connected by rivers and stone land: nature to its highest remark. The municipality of San Juan (Sant Joan de Labritja) contains four wonderful parishes that give this town a traditional touch of authenticity. They would be: Sant Joan, Sant Miquel, Sant Vicent and Sant Llorenç. These places are preferably chosen by tourists and a VIP jet setter crowd who wishes to find a sanctuary of relaxation and peace of mind away from the island’s heart. Luxury villas to rent in this area are owned by a foreign crowd who wishes to share the island’s knowledge with guests. Beautifully designed, these deluxe houses breathe peacefulness and tranquility in all its corners. Large mature gardens as well as yoga sites are included in many of these luxurious properties in San Juan. Guests who are coming to San Juan practice a sort of rural agrotourism that consists on merging into the customs and local life from San Juan. Many foreigners have even made this municipality their permanent place of residence given its calm ambience throughout the whole year; even during summer holidays where most tourists decide to come to this area of Ibiza, San Juan is able to keep its charm and solitude.

San Juan’s livelihood is mostly based on farming given the rural facet for which is well known for. However, throughout these last year this town has been growing and expanding in its tourist sector, attracting a large influx of visitors who want to discover and learn more about the municipality. Not only is San Juan popular for it private atmosphere but it also shares a particularity with its neighbouring Sant Antonio: a beautiful natural reserve called Es Amunts. This area has been granted the “Area of Particular Interest” award for its privileged and unique habitat of flora and fauna. The environmental importance of this site enhances the cultural offer to travelers. It is to extensive that is occupies nearly a quarter of the island’s land extending throughout the northern coastline. When exploring this marvelous natural site, tourists will find vast fields crossed by streams, small rivers, rocky mountains and sharp cliffs that appear to merge into the sea. They all are home of different animal species and typical Ibizan vegetation which at the same time contain different types of birds nested on rocks. Some of them are the Eleanora hawks, owls and Balearic Shearwater among others. 

If you are looking for a fun day trip with the family, especially with kids, then San Juan offers several green routes and trekking paths around the area. Some of the most well known among locals are Sierra de Malacosta, Puig des Fornàs and Puig Gros: these are accounted as the highest peaks of the island, only for the braves ones! Pet-friendly villas are available given the natural nature of this part of Ibiza. Animals are welcomed in most of our luxury villas since many owners are as well animal lovers themselves! They do not have a problem in renting their wonderful houses to large groups of people coming over with their puppies. It is a perfect and iconic areas to go around with pets and explore the different corners of San Juan (Sant Joan de Labritja). Enjoy panoramic vistas from San Juan’s most iconic balconies: Punta Grossa and Punta Xarraca. Pic-perfect spots from which to gaze at the horizon and experience magical sunsets among the wild shores of northern Ibiza. 

Other marvelous routes to enjoy with your friends and family are those who lead to old monuments present on that part of Ibiza. It is the case of Balanzat’s defensive tower that offers stunning views from afar. The magical Marca’s caves which are a key site when coming to San Juan. Also the archaeological site situated in Es Culleram’s is a beautiful spot worth taking a look at since it contains reminiscences of ancient Phoenician goddess Tanit. Renting a boat or a car is always a good idea to tour around the magnificent coastline of San Juan (Sant Joan de Labritja). You will discover high cliffs that contain small virgin coves of not-so-easy access by foot but perfectly reachable by boat! Some of our favourite ones which we always recommend to guests when they arrive to our luxury villas are: Caló d’en Serra, Cala de Sant Vient, and Benirràs. You can read more about how to access them and their amenities on shore here. As mentioned before, San Juan is a town that has hardly been affected by the mass arrival of tourism to the Balearic island. Staying at the vicinity of San Juan in one of the many luxury villas to rent has enchanted many to the point that finding luxurious accommodation in this sought after area has been increasingly complicated. However, this small charming municipality will always be an excellent choice of accommodation.