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Pet Friendly Villas

Find the most exclusive luxury villas to rent for your pets when traveling to Ibiza, Formentera and Barcelona.

Animal lovers & pet friendly

Are you looking for pet friendly accommodation during your holidays? Then you have landed in the right place. At Bonder & Co we are also animal lovers! That is why we have hand-picked an exclusive collection of animal friendly luxury villas. These deluxe homes have beautiful gardens, sunny terraces and other amenities thought for our animal friends. If you are staying over with your cat, your dog or even your bird, there is a perfect luxury villa for you! Whether you are looking for accommodation in Ibiza, Formentera or Barcelona, our top destinations, this summer your pets will also have a lovely place to stay in with you. 

We understand that traveling with animals can sometimes be a hassle given the few possibilities for renting a house or a touristic apartment in the city centre or next to the beach. Not to mention how hotels can sometimes be very restrictive with their pet friendly policies. However, coming to our exclusive properties you won’t have to worry about any of this. Most of our owners are also animal lovers and thus allow cats and dogs in their homes. We offer a professional cleaning service that look after the place and keep it organized and clean at all times. That’s why not only our hosts but also guests that have come with their pets trust us: we deliver exclusive and friendly animal services in the privacy of your villa.

Exclusive Collection of Animal Friendly Villas

Here you will find the best pet friendly villas in Ibiza, Formentera and Barcelona. Traveling with animals can also be a fun and exciting experience. There is plenty of time to relax in a quiet atmosphere and play around with your dog or your cat. If you decide to come to Ibiza we will offer you an exclusive collection of elegant and beautiful villas in different areas of the island. All of our houses are decorated and furnished to the highest standards and are awarded top quality qualifications by renowned associations. When browsing our several sets of luxurious properties you will encounter wonderful villas with sea views facing the Mediterranean sea. Not only that but stunning evening sunsets as well. Large open gardens and terraces are suited for pets to run and wander around while you enjoy your summer holidays in Ibiza. If requested, Bonder & Co will provide pet supplies and accessories so that our favourite felines and canines don’t lack anything. Large and small kennels, puppy conveyors, dog and cat food, and much more can be at your villa door anytime you might request it. Ibiza proves to be very pet friendly, especially during the months of July and August where a lot of people come to the island accompanied by their best friends. 

The island of Ibiza has a unique official beach for our doggy companions to take a dip and sunbathe. This is the beach of Ses Roquetes or Es Faralló, in the coastal town of Santa Eulalia. This area is limited and especially equipped for animals to enjoy a natural space and turquoise waters while at the same time trying to avoid inconveniences for other bathers. Not only is Ses Roquetes one of the most famous beaches in Ibiza but certainly one with the best sea views. We have plenty of luxury villas to rent around this area that can be found in our lovely collection of sea view villas. And they are pet friendly! Ses Roquetes or Es Faralló combines gravel sand and calm waters perfect for going for a walk with your pet. The atmosphere at this beach is very quiet as well as a family-friendly location to go with children. Due to its proximity to the city centre of Santa Eulalia, this beach is very tranquil and calm. Although it is open throughout the whole year, Ses Roquetes must comply with the regulations of pet-friendly Spanish beaches. Since it is an urban beach, your dog or cat must be guarded at all times and should be tied with a belt. If your pet is considered a dangerous breed then it should wear a muzzle. Finally, make sure to always carry a few bags to collect animal waste so that the beach is well maintained and clean. 

Search from our collection of luxury villas that are keen to host animals, lots of them are close to Ses Roquetes and have direct access to it. Ibiza is considered a coastal paradise well-known around the world as an ideal location for a fun and amusing holidays spot. It is a pity that Ibiza only offers one pet-friendly beach for our canine companions. As for Formentera, there are no beaches or coves at present day that allow dogs and other animals. 

However, along Barcelona’s coastline and other towns along the coast, several pet-friendly beaches can be found. We highly recommend the following. Arrive to Tarragona and look for Playa Riumar in the area of Delebre. Riumar beach is another long stretch of sand that enables access to dogs in Catalonia. This beautiful space is of special interest for locals due to its stunning natural scenery. It has all kind of services nearby. Go up Barcelona and you will find yourself in area of Girona: Castelló d’Empúries. There is Rubina beach, a pet-friendly area to enjoy the sun, the sand and calm waters with your dogs. This beach is a benchmark for pet owners in Catalonia. All services are handy and available during summer time. 

Bonder & Co has an excellent collection of deluxe houses in the area of Barcelona’s coastline to the north and to the south. Most of them are fully equipped for guests to travel with their kittens and puppies. We have noticed a lack of dog-friendly hotels in Ibiza, Formentera and Barcelona, that’s why we are always growing our villa collection to include pet friendly luxury properties. Bonder & Co is an animal lover company who is expanding its services to welcome our feline and canine guests!