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Exclusive location ideal for experiencing both vibrant and calm Ibiza.

Jesus has it all

Discover the town of Jesus, one of the most charismatic places in Ibiza to do some local tourism around the island.  A small city located on the outskirts of Ibiza, which is able to tell as many stories as Dalt Vila, with an impressive and renowned historical relevance that unfortunately few know. Do not worry about being far away from all the bustle though! Our private villas to rent are only a few minutes away from popular venues such as idyllic Pacha Ibiza. 

Now a days Jesus is rather a residential area full of luxury homes upon its mountains facing the Mediterranean sea and Ibiza’s stunning countryside. Given the many visitors coming to discover another side of Ibiza without letting go the lively vibe of the city centre, Jesus succeeds to maintain a cosmopolitan atmosphere all year round, especially during summer season. Following the main road the exclusive residential enclave of Roca Llisa appears majestically standing on top of the mountain. A luxury development that enjoys a privileged spot on the island being both near Talamanca beach and the lively city centre of  Ibiza. Talamanca beach is perfect for practicing water sports such as kayaking among other, being its waters turquoise and very calm. If you prefer to run away from crowded beaches then S’Estanyol beach is perfect for you. Crystal clear waters surrounded by a dense green forest of pines, this small cove is a hidden gem worth paying a visit!

Jesus is ideally located near the city center of Ibiza, towards Santa Eulalia. Arriving to this destination should not be much of a hassle if you rent a car. It is situated about four kilometers away from the main area of Ibiza Old Town perfectly indicated by road signs along the way. We highly recommend to park once you pass under the arch of the church entrance given the small size of the town. 

Once tourists enter Jesus, one realizes that the life rhythm running there is a peaceful and calm one. The quietness of early mornings surrounds this town in between birdsongs and the murmur of the breeze involving the trees. People do not seem to be in a hurry, and in fact they are not. Bars have their outside tables and terraces usually filled with people sitting down while enjoying a good breakfast or lunch along a cold beer. Facing these bars we find the stone arch that gives access to the old part of the town of Jesus. Luxury villas to rent in this area of Ibiza prove to magnificent, offering deluxe accommodation in the area of Jesus. All possible services are offered by our agency to guests, going beyond their expectations at all time. Child-friendly villas with spacious gardens to play in, infinity view homes with sea views to the Mediterranean horizon, pet-friendly houses ideal for cats and dogs...etc., anything you might require!

Ancient buildings have been renewed to give place to newer business. For example there is an old barn that has been transformed into the local pharmacy now often frequented by locals. A little further on we find the beautiful church, facing what is known to be a “safareig”, a pool with an ancient system of wood and pottery, used to remove water. 

Finally, we come to the church of Jesus. The stories that place a monastery here are plentiful, but in the sixteenth century local citizens built the church, a building of vital importance for the inhabitants of the time. Located about two kilometers from the beach of Talamanca, traditional landing of pirates and looters, served as a refuge for the population for centuries, becoming part of the legendary churches who endured those tough years for the Ibizan population. In fact, inside, a spectacular altarpiece of the century of its construction is preserved. A work of art that has not lost its charm and, most curious, has endured over the years and wars, keeping its splendor. Outside, a no less spectacular porch, continues to meet the traditional payeses dances during festivals held every year in the town of Jesus on the eighth of September. A real treat for tourists visiting Ibiza.