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Sant Miquel

Charming northern village with unspoilt beaches and lively vibe

Sant Miquel's wildest and most charming vibe

San Miguel (officially known as Sant Miquel de Balasant) is a town located north of the island of Ibiza. San Miguel is a small city situated on a hill, on whose summit lies the beautiful white church of San Miguel, one of the prettiest of Ibiza. The hill where the church is spotted - like the village of Santa Eulalia- is also known as Puig de Missa. The beautiful church of San Miguel is located on top of Puig de MissaThe Port of San Miguel is one of the best places to finely eat in Ibiza, especially the typical bullit of peix: that’s a must!

If you can choose one day of the week to visit Sant Miquel, we recommend you do so on a Thursday. It is the day when, at about 6pm, exhibitions of folk dancing happen: this event is typical from village festivities. On the other hand, the same day there’s also a craft market  with traditional products of Ibiza. As mentioned before, only five kilometers away from Sant Miquel is one of the few beaches in the area: The Port of San Miguel. This beach is great to have a quiet holiday and do some family tourism during summer.

Pick your favourite luxury villa in Sant Miquel

In the same port of San Miguel we find the cave Can Marçá, which is formed by limestone rocks that have created through the years spectacular natural formations. Also, the lighting of the cave makes it a very suitable one for the whole family to explore. Moreover the town of Sant Miquel has not lost its size and shape since the arrival of tourism, although it was among the first towns of Ibiza to open to tourism. This way, it is easy to find some good spectacular luxury villas in the town of Sant Miquel although surely the best and most exclusive accommodation can be found near the sea. These elegant homes are highly recommendable for families who seek for a peaceful holiday by the beach. 

The Port of San Miguel is a natural harbor with a large outdoor sandbank and numerous slipway booths, which, together with Portinatx and Cala de Sant Vicent Sa, is one of the few tourist areas in the north of the island. The beach concentrates several luxury villas and other deluxe houses to rent, some of which have been built in stages over the cliffs on the right side overlooking the Mediterranean sea. 

Formerly, the Port de Sant Miquel was a traditional place for loading agricultural products, which were then exported by sea off the island. It was also usual territory of smugglers, who hid their merchandise in nearby caves as for example the Cave d'en Marçà, today one of the major tourist attractions in the area. To the left of the port of Sant Miquel, there is a path through the pine trees where you can take a little walk that leads to a small cove of crystal clear waters, known as Cala des Moltons.

Most of Ibiza is covered with greenery, parks and large pine woods crossed by paths that are increasingly frequented by walkers and cyclists. Away from the beaches and nightclubs rural tourism has also been encouraged gradually in order to get to know the island. There are numerous hiking trails that run through the island offering stunning views of cliffs and sunsets. This is again the case of Port of Sant Miquel, a fun and entertaining adventure to spend the day with the whole family during your summer holidays.