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Sant Ferran de Ses Roques

A natural paradise in the centre of Formentera

The natural wildness of Sant Ferran de ses Roques

Starting from the road that begins in the port of Formentera and after passing through Sant Francesc Xavier (capital of Formentera), the next stop is Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, definite must towards La Mola or Es Pujols. Sant Ferran offers variety of bars and restaurants to eat at sunset and have a drink in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by tradition and history. After sunset, Sant Ferran de ses Roques is transformed into a bustling meeting point for lovers of the alternative art. The very famous Artistic Market offers all sorts of modern art, especially from the island of Formentera created by locals. There are also a band of musicians performing live music in the church square throughout the day as well as several pubs with a lovely charm offering beer and sangria to visitors. 

In Sant Ferran de ses Roques there is one of the most legendary restaurants on the history and one with the longest history: La Fonda Pepe. This typical spanish venue opened in the 60s and every since then has had its doors open to all sorts of public willing to take a look and experience a truly hippy ambience remaining in Formentera.  Despite the years this is one of the few places that has hardly changed over time. Sant Ferran is one of the few lively centers on the island that has a daily life throughout the whole year. 

Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, also known among locals as San Fernando or just Sant Ferran, is a small town situated in the center of Formentera and is considered one of the most charming historical spots of the island. During the hippy era of the sixties, Sant Ferran used to be a reference point for the hippy community of both Ibiza and Formentera. An alternative type of tourism reached the island to enjoy a more relaxed and boho environment in communion with nature. That is why still nowadays Sant Ferran de Ses Roques offers a variety of cultural events, live music and its famous Artistic Market from May until October. As in any other warm and welcoming city in Spain, the small town gathers neighbours in the main square every day to chat under the sun and have a few drinks al fresco during the night. Located in the centre of the square there is the an old stone church from over two centuries ago. Sant Ferran is an ideal place to come with kids give the freedom it emanates and calm that can be found in its narrow white streets. 

If you are looking for some natural routes and some adventure time there is a natural cave only 6 kilometers away called Cuevas d’en Geroni. This cave has several underground tunnels containing stalactites, stalagmites and plant roots that cover all the walls and ceilings. There is a lovely restaurant right on top the cave in case you want to take a break and relax from a long day. There is a legendary guitar shop in this area of Sant ferran de ses Roques called Formentera Guitars that offers a very renowned workshop holiday for only seven people who which to create their own guitar and know about the making process of this marvelous instrument. This small shop that might be invisible to the eye when passing by has actually provided instruments to legendary music figures such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson or Chris Rea!

Close to Sant Ferran there is the cute little area of Cala en Baster, a charming cove with old fishermen’s houses and boats carved into a cliff. Take a dip into the turquoise crystal clear waters and enjoy the wild natural surrounding of this area that has barely been influenced by tourism. You can also take a walk through the cliff that surrounds it to enjoy the sea views of the costa line of Formentera as well as gazing at the islands of S’Esperadell and Ibiza from far away.