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Es Caló

Explore the wildness and tranquility of this beautiful area in Formentera

Charm and beauty in Es Caló

Es Caló is a small but well known and vibrant area of Formentera also known among local people as Es Caló de Sant Agustí. We can easily find it when we head along the main road of the island to Pilar de la Mola. Es Caló is a core that has formed around the coast, where some precious and rudimentary jetties are still used by fishermen. This pier was used as a port for transporting goods and people by local people as well as the people of Pilar de La Mola. Although currently Es Caló de Sant Agustí barely exceeds five hundred inhabitants, it is one of the sites with a truly authentic beauty and essence representative of the Mediterranean island of Formentera

Whitewashed fishermen's huts, the small natural jetty or local restaurants make this area one of the most beautiful places to stop and stare. The rest of the natural habitat of this village consists of dense pine forests and other local green vegetation. But what really stands out is the magnificent coastline. A nice wooden walkways that help conserve the landscape of dunes around the beach bring us closer to one of the most beautiful beaches of Formentera. The blue sea is much nicer than any of the photos you have probably seen in catalogs and advertisements. The beach of Es Caló is just perfect, what we all hope to find when we put one foot on a paradisiac island as Formentera.

As if that were not enough, there are also many types of accommodation options in Es Caló de Sant Agustí, among which are different luxury villas lying on the hills of the countryside or overlooking the Mediterranean sea with stunning sea views to the horizon. Rural fincas, deluxe modern houses and charming cozy homes with wonderful mature gardens among other characteristics are some of the offers you might find around Es Caló. Once there, you can not miss the signature dish of the island: bullit de peix. A stew made with fish stock and the best fresh local seafood. Such a delicacy to the palate! In this area one will sip a nice maritime atmosphere, from which you can see the magnificent cliffs of La Mola and its corresponding lighthouse.

Nearby this area, tourists will find two different small beaches belonging to the municipality: Es Caló beach and Ses Platgetes. We must advise that in this natural environment, nudism is often practice and allowed. These coves are made of fine white sand, some rocky areas, smooth sand dunes on its sides and few vegetation. The turquoise waters are crystal clear, perfect for snorkeling or mooring boats. The only drawback is that this area is exposed to winds from the west and north, so sometimes the waves might lash the coast with force. Swimmers must be aware that, even though the sea might seem calm, the current might still be strong. But not to worry! Baywatchers will always advise swimmers and look after any inconveniences. 

Like many of the beaches of Formentera, these beaches are not very crowded as the council tries to preserve its natural environment and true wilderness. But by no means this means Es Caló and Ses Platgetes do not have all the basic services of an average beach: snack restaurants, beach bars with delicious cocktails, hammocks... etc. Es Caló is truly one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of the island of Formentera.