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Cala Saona

You don't need to travel to the Caribbean to find paradisiac beaches

Why Cala Saona

Five kilometers from Sant Francesc a famous beach in Formentera can be spotted from the distance: Cala Saona, a place in where to dive becomes one of the greatest pleasures of summer thanks to the characteristics of its waters. Cala Saona is a beauty. Small, quiet and with a turquoise sea that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean.  This small beach in Formentera enjoys great views of Ibiza in far horizon. Wedged between two cliffs and immersed in the natural area of Cap Alt (Àrea Natural d’Especial Interès de Cap Alt), the intense emerald waters will make your eyes pop out of their sockets and wonder why are you not still swimming in that marvelous ocean. An out of this world cove that seems to have popped from a fairytale into reality. This small beach, despite its small size (it is hardly 140m long) is one of the most beautiful you can visit. Its characteristic tranquility and beauty make this cove a must-visit site for tourists. 

This area features stunning luxury villas facing Cala Saona. It is an exclusive and marvelous enclave that contains elegant properties and sumptuous homes finely designed by famous architects. These houses offer deluxe accommodation to all guests as well as stunning views to the Mediterranean sea. Given the fact that Cala Saona is a very family-friendly beach, we have accommodated several villas to welcome large families with kids in this area. Some of our homes are directly connected to Cala Saona since they enjoy an exclusive location on top of it that allows guests to come down by foot to the beach.

Exclusive luxury villas to rent in Cala Saona

Cala Saona is surrounded, of course, by restaurants and beach bars where you can have a bite of tapas or cool down with a drink while enjoying the wonderful views from the neighboring island of Ibiza. Further away you can maybe spot on a bright day the coast of Punta Pedrera or the beautiful cliffs of Punta Rasa, which can be easily accessed on foot as they are just 10 minutes from the beach. Because of its orientation to the West side of Formentera and its charming tranquility, Cala Saona is also one of the beaches chosen by many visitors to enjoy an incredible sunset while quietly sipping a mojito right in the same arena.We all have heard that the waters of Formentera have nothing to envy to the ones in Caribbean and this is due to the incredible beaches like this one that probably encourage that statement. Water in Cala Saona draws the attention immediately, since its intense turquoise inevitably highlights in the eyes of anyone that steps in. The gentle slope of the beach makes it an ideal family-friendly beach in which to spend a fun day in. The sea is usually calm and there is barely no wind in this area, therefore it is perfectly safe for kids to play around the sand or engaging in watersports of the several clubs around the area. These sport clubs organize all sorts of activities from kayaking, diving or paddlesurf. Going around Cala Saona and discovering the adherent coves and caves is a truly wonderful adventure worth doing once in a lifetime. 

Although it is not a cove that stands out for its large size, Cala Saona has a very attractive elements that encourage not only tourists but locals to come over here. A lush green pine forest and white fine sand offers a spectacular surrounding environment and magical sunset views. On calm days, Ibiza’s island of Es Vedra can be seen from there!  

One of the most important advantages of this beach is that you can access it al well by bus service right on the island. But if you prefer to go on a particular vehicle, it should be noted that it features free parking nearby. Another wonderful idea to access Cala Saona is to rent a boat from one of the many boat charters available in Formentera. There isn’t exactly a mooring area around yet yachts and sailing boats are allowed to dock in front of it. Besides having all expected commodities in the area, Cala Saona has a rental service of hammocks, parasols and pedal boats that will delight families along with the little ones.