Why should I choose Ibiza?

Where to start…First because its sunny, clean, beautiful, food is good (of course you can have fun, lots of fun). Its a “je ne sai quoi” thats conquers all of us and makes us fall in love the minute we get of the plane.

Is it safe and good for families?

Ibiza is a safe place to be. Just to make you more conformtable most of our properties are fully fenced, ideal for kids and have alarm systems. Nearly all the beaches have life guards too.

Can I have fun with the kids in Ibiza?

Absolutely, not only Bonder & Co offers you marvelous properties but also a luxury guide with a special edition for families for this season. We will advise on the best restaurants, Child friendly beaches and activities, lots of activities.

What´s the ideal time of the year to go?

The weather starts to be incredible and beaches amazing by april, so anytime after that all the way up until november. Come to Ibiza you won´t regret!

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