Getting paid to spend the summer working in a white luxury party with continuous new house music, fine flowing crystal champagne and super yachts and celebrities in perfect view of my work desk doesn’t seem like a bad deal… Work life in the commercial party hub can be hectic (especially Sundays) but good energy from the staff mixed with a cluster of guests arriving with a will no other than to have fun are all what make blue marlin a sweet cocktail for success. My job was to advice clients of blue marlin what was happening in the best clubs and restaurants of the island as well as charter yachts and private jets for them. Whilst learning a lot from my supportive Ibiza Solutions team about the island I was also taught a few insider tips from people on the beach -somehow the effervescent combination of sun, alcohol and turquoise waters turns even the most serious of people a bit loopy and I learnt a few fun facts about what was going on in their lives which never seized to entertain me…

Whether you want to relax in the sun with a cool blackberry mojito (my personal favorite) or dance in the open air till the early hours of the morning with beautiful people and dazzling rooftop dancers, Blue Marlin offers something to suit all characters. Having had the chance to mingle with celebs like Bjorn Bork, Elle Mcpherson and Bonno to name a few, as well as some of societies most talented artists and sportsmen, have given me a window to the VIP world which definitely brought flavor to my working summer. It’s not often you get to say on the phone to your mum that Bonno from U2 thanked me on his way out from work today. For all the parties Blue Marlin has hosted for me nothing beats a sublime Saturday afternoon with some fresh sushi and chilled house music in the sun. If you like to people watch Sundays attract all kinds of arty types from flamboyantly dressed to impress party go-ers, green haired demonstrators to supermodels and all the in between. I personally recommend getting down early to enjoy the chilled anthems played by Elizabeth on a Sunday lunchtime before the hectic crowds set in.

Whilst having to deal with a lot of bookings, and reluctantly turn down more than too many glasses of sangria and yacht party invitations with numerous clients I can honestly I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer in any other way. The special friendships I have built with the dedicated, upbeat staff as well as the experience I’ve gained with working with some of societies most interesting jet setters has really made my time in Ibiza an unforgettable one.

By: Andrea Vasiliou


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