I already blogged on what to pack in your suitcase when coming to Ibiza. Beach wear differs from the evening wear, all of us get that. But the dressing code might get tricky when it comes to the extensive variety of clubs here. If you’re a beginner in Ibiza’s sea full of clubbing sharks, you might end up turned away from a fancy place only because you weren’t instructed properly! Not only this can ruin all chances of having night of your life, you’ll also loose the vibe and get confused. And we don’t want that, do we?

I admit, I myself suffered many times in mega high heels for no other reason than because it was supposed to, but on the other hand, please remember we’re having fun in the best clubs in the world, so it might be worth the effort at the end. And the crème de la crème deserves the best crowd. Also, big brothers standing at the entrance are watching you closely, so you better impress them to let you in.

A very nice way to see the scene is, that you’re not just at the event, you’re part of it. Would you enjoy party with dirty careless crowd that you’ve spent hundreds of Euros at? I doubt it. Looking fabulous as the music you’re hearing and the setting you’re in are your civic duties.

Even regarding the beach clubs. It used to be very casual, but now it’s all about proper restaurants, gourmet food, vintage champagne and guests dressing to match it. Forget bikinis from your childhood, nowadays the designer’s ones are worn accompanied with stylish accessories, pre-bronzed bodies and blow-dried hair, and I’m talking just about the men!

In order to avoid staring at your wardrobe, wondering what to wear to clubs in Ibiza, you have to read following carefully, otherwise the fashion police should be called to step in.

what to wear to clubs in ibiza

You can’t be confused now, but in a case, you still are, there are some outfits that work almost anywhere. For the ladies, a stylish top, shorts and nice sandals will never make you feel out of place and you gentlemen, put on some well-cut jeans, clean (!) t-shirt and trendy sneakers. Easy, simple and accepted all around the White Island.

Of course you’re here to have a good time, so I suggest you to pack the suitcase well in advance, so you don’t have to worry later.

And for those ones bringing their whole wardrobes with them “just in case” (like me by the way), I say good luck to you. Just don’t spend the whole week in front of the mirror missing out on the fantastic events!




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