When we heard vitamin drip is coming to Ibiza we couldn’t be excited more!

Finally we’ll also be among Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow boosting our energy up after a busy night. We should be all thankful to no one else but gorgeous NINA PETER VATH, companion of world famous DJ Sven Väth, a Viennese leather fashion accessories designer, bringing Vitamindrip® to Ibiza.

To understand more what are these miracle workers all about, Bonder & Co has prepared interview for all of you, who are as curious as we are.

1. What is Vitamindrip®?

Vitamindrip® is Ibiza’s first wellness clinic specializing in Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy. Based on your unique lifestyle and nutritional needs, Vitamindrip®’s team of doctors will recommend and customise a formula that will then be administered by a nurse into your bloodstream for maximal nutritional benefit. Vitamindrip®’ is used and loved by top athletes, busy professionals, celebrities, students, and everyone in between looking for that extra boost.

2. What is so special/amazing about it?

Vitamindrip® can be used to treat conditions where low levels of nutrients are suspected. There are formulas specifically to help with Immune Support, Anti Aging, Athletic Performance, Allergies, Depression, Hormone Balance, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue, and many more. Because of the direct administration into the bloodstream, the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed much better and are in their pure, unaltered and 100% bioavailable form. They also bypass the digestive system, which proves to be a faster route, whether you have a healthy system or if you suffer from any gastro-intestinal problems. These are the advantages to injecting vitamins and nutrients intravenously.

3. Is there only one type to try or may I choose from more?

Vitamindrip ® offers a comprehensive selection of IV and IM Injection products formulated to support a wide range of health and wellness goals. The most popular ‘drip’ is the Hydration drip, which has basic b and c vitamins along with calcium and magnesium in a saline solution. There are drips for Rejuvenation, Athletic Performance, Detox, etc. We also offer an “Aches and Pains” drip, which has additional nutrients and amino acids that reduce inflammation and increase circulation. So you can customise to how you’re feeling and what your needs are.

4. Does it really work? Will I feel the difference?

Yes!  Many people feel an extra energy and ‘edge’, some feel relaxed, it depends on the type of product administered. But in general, yes, many patients report feeling better and that’s why they continue to come in.

5. How often can I have a session/infusion?

This generally depends on your needs, but typically, we recommend new clients receive weekly infusions for 4-6 weeks followed by a maintenance plan of biweekly, monthly or as required infusions. As a general rule I recommend a few times per month, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

6. Why have you chosen from all European places to come to Ibiza?

Ibiza is the perfect place to offer Vitamindrip®. People from all over the world come here to vacation, relax, or party with their families and friends. We all want to stay healthy and feel fresh, and look great, and Vitamindrip® helps with this!

Well that sounds intriguing doesn’t it? If you’re thinking about booking an appointment don’t hesitate to contact us, Nina will welcome you with open arms and the right boost tailored for your needs!

Here are some examples for you to see what exactly Vitamindrip® offers:

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