If you’re a traveling foodie like we at Bonder & Co are, you should try traditional food in such a destination as Ibiza. Not only drinks count, the local cuisine also,in order to have the real Ibiza experience! Here we’ve conducted a list of delicious meals that are specific for this island and we also give you tips where to find them!


Traditional food ibiza


Most importantly we have to mention this dish. Paella is in general one of the most famous meals in Spain, but specially on the island surrounded by sea, where you have the freshest fish and sea food, this is a must. Moreover you have thousands of types to choose from: sea food, fish, meat, vegetarian, rice, black rice or even pasta paella. So when you’ll get cravings for some hot plate of paella, we recommend these places to go to: El Bigotes, Yemanja or Es Torrent.


Traditional food ibiza


Another thing so famous for Spain. Diverse small portions of appetizers designed for sharing while socializing. This is a great solution for every over-thinker as the options here are endless here and you can taste more flavors and textures during one dinner (without ordering 4 large main meals). Enjoy great tapas selection in following restaurants: Mar A Vila, La Bodega or Sa Brisa, all in Ibiza Town.


Traditional food ibiza

Bullit de Peix

Originally born on the boat of fishermen, also known as a fish stew, composed of various fish such as monkfish, grouper and rotia (typically found in Ibiza), potatoes,green beans, all covered in a sauce made from mixed fish broth and garlic mayonnaise. It’s served with a sepia paella rice with broth baked in the oven. It’s usually eaten directly from the pan. Restaurants such as Es Boldado or Tropicana Beach Club have great Bullit de Peix!


Traditional food ibiza

Sofrit Pages

A stew mixing different meats (pork, lamb & chicken), potatoes and vegetables with two kinds of local sausages ‘Sobresada’ and ‘Butifarra’, giving the dish a characteristic flavor, and sweet garlic and peppers. All is vaporised in its own rich juices flavored by cinnamon, saffron and parsley. Definitely for meat lovers and definitely not for dieters. The best is served at Can Caus for instance.


Traditional food ibiza


We have something for all the sweet tooths here also. When walking around Ibiza, you’ve must have noticed a spiral icing sugar coated pastry, to be found in most bakeries and cafes. Originally, it was just a sweet bread, but now they are filled with cream or almond nougat. Perfect way how to start a day in Ibiza. Enjoy a coffee, orange juice and ensaimada at Harinus or Croissant Show for instance.



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