Amazing Carlota Bonder, Bonder & Co Top Chef


Wonderful destinations come hand in hand with culinary experiences. True luxury traveling means also tasting the local cuisines and enjoying the food even all day long if you want.

Bonder & Co team wants to surround with only the best professionals building the perfect luxury holidays and that obviously also include the top chefs. We were lucky to steal away excellent top chef Carlota Bonder under our roof. Yeey!


Carlota’s background


Her extensive portfolio of previous work experience began in Ibiza, where she originally comes from. Later she became a part of Jamie Oliver‘s team in London working as a Chef de Partie and after she had discovered the magics of molecular cuisine by another TV famous chef Alberto Chicote. And right before the start of a career at Bonder& Co, she was in charge of the fish department at Hotel Grau Roig in Andorra.


Carlota’s specialties


Carlota Bonder enjoys creating luxury experiences through her cooking, presenting exquisite culinary creations and we love that! No matter if you ask for detox and organic tailored program for the whole day or delicious upscale pasta dinner, her passion for food and cooking doesn’t have the limits!

But what she really loves to prepare is the Mediterranean cuisine using fresh and top quality products straight from the markets, because she believes it is very important to use local products. And since she is the real “pro” in Ibiza gastronomy, she has established many friendly relationships among the island’s fishermen and after every successful fishery they immediately call her with the good news.

Cooking was always Carlota’s dream and her biggest love. That’s what we were looking for,  have found and now want to share with you.


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