We are big fans of The New York Times, I guess like most of the world but when it come to The Celebs this is one of the coolest art work Ive seen in some time.

The tittle of this art-i-work is “14 Actors Acting” a video gallery of classic screen types with actors like;

Javier Bardem  Biutiful – In Character: “The old sneakers that I wore during the whole of ‘Biutiful’ always put me in the place of someone who has walked nearly barefoot along the hard ground without bleeding.”

Lesley Manville  Another Year –  Hardest Take: “The final shot in ‘Another Year’: a lifetime of pain, loneliness and resignation without uttering a sound.”

Jesse Eisenberg  Solitary Man, Holy Rollers, The Social Network – Actor’s Cut: “In 2005, I did a play called ‘Orphans’ with Al Pacino, who told me, ‘Just because they say, “Action,” doesn’t mean you have to do anything.’ It helped me think of acting as something that I was in control of.”

James Franco 127 Hours – Would Remake: “The butter scene in ‘Last Tango in Paris.'”

Natalie Portman Black Swan – Classic Replay: “The lift from ‘Dirty Dancing,’ which we did in ‘Black Swan.'”

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