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I know, I know you’re all waiting for the promised secrets from Ibiza. But here’s the thing. Firstly, you need to be completely prepared for this destination from head to toes, from luggage to wallet. I can’t be responsible for letting you wondering the streets, dressed like you’re going to the supermarket around the corner and looking like a tomato after 5 minutes, having the worst sun burn ever. (No, I’m not imagining right now my own experience after one lovely sunny day, spent on a beach, and even lovelier evening with liters of cold Aloe Vera gel to calm the burns).

I think the best things happen spontaneously but sometimes I thank god (and myself) that I’d planned to wake up earlier and iron the hot dress the morning before. You never know, and so it’s always better to take the safe approach and look and feel fabulously all the time.

Doesn’t matter if you’re from the jet-setter, hippie, clubbing or high-waist-bermudas crew, all of them/us know what the term ‘beauty products’ represents (hopefully..).

Don’t take me wrong, natural beauty is the best! But come on, style à la Frida Kahlo is really a no-go now.

Be natural, but let these wonderful, shiny and deliciously smelling summer essentials help you out wherever you need.  Ibiza is a bohemian destination and you wouldn’t notice it, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. You know, even if Johny Depp’s knees were going weak from how cute he thinks you are, if you don’t feel good, no compliment is taken seriously.

So let’s feel bohemian-ish in Ibiza! In the fashion stakes, as I’ve explained last time, it means you can embrace your inner island goddess by piling up the bangles, lounging around in a transparent tunic and hiding behind oversized shades and a big hat.

To feel boho chic in the beauty matter, get educated:

summer essentials

summer essentials

summer essentialsSo now you’ll look fresh and good. And imagine how fresher and better the look can be with a bit of suntan. My PS would be on tanning education: quick and easy sun school to maximize your tanning potential:

  1. Don’t be lazy and start at home drinking fresh carrot juices or popping supplements with lots of vitamin D to activate melanin production and so boosting your pigment.
  2. Use the pre-tanning suncare to condition the skin and turn on the melanin processes in your body. The faster they’re produced, the quicker your skin is protected and the longer and deeper your tan endures.
  3. Apply the sun cream and top up the protection at least every two hours. Check the results and if you’ll see any hints of pink, use higher SPF. Here’s no space for bravery and carelessness, later in the evening, the burning marks will hunt you down.
  4. Pamper the body with aftersun to encourage the melanin to linger longer.
  5. Moisturize, even twice daily! To prevent your tan from peeling and prolong it for a few extra weeks to make everyone at home jealous, you should keep your skin hydrated all day long.

summer essentials

I think we’re all set then! Ready to shock everyone on the island, with your a) impeccable style, b) glowing look and c) fierce attitude.  Can’t wait to see you on the streets, at the beaches and in the VIP areas, looking hot and riant!

Actually I don’t know if sharing my refined taste and valuable knowledge was a good idea.. now you know where to go to meet ‘the’ people and how to look Vogue-picture-perfect to caught the attention. I just might have raised the competition stakes..

Well… Let the best man win! Or rather let’s have some boho chic fun together, at the end we’re all unique and special.

I know I am for sure 😉

See you next week!






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