Ibiza Town welcomes cosmetics heaven SKINS COSMETICS IBIZA!

The Dutch company came to Ibiza town and we couldn’t be happier. Ibiza resident of Dutch origin Ms. Natascha Lampiehas decided to open her first international venture as she has been always very passionate for cosmetics. Not only we have number of the best natural and organic products out there right under our nose, the shop welcomes you with excellent attentive staff happy to help you choose the right product for your needs and share interesting details about every brand displayed.

The Brand

Skin Cosmetics was established 14 years ago in Amsterdam collecting high quality products of perfumes, cosmetics and beauty products. 10 stores and great online presence present special niche and exclusive brands alongside unprecedented service level consisting of passionate and educated team.

The Store

The store is located in the very centre of Ibiza town merging brand’s transparent and clean identity with local island’s ambience. Studio Roy de Scheemaker designed the interior in lounge-style, all in white and light colors with natural details, and several brand have contributed with their own visual merchandising.

The Product

Store boasts over 90 niche premium cosmetic brands as well as cool newbies featured in top lifestyle magazines and beauty editorials.

Premium perfume brands such as By Kilian, containing pheromones attracting senses of other gender; British Creed designs perfumes from 1760 also for famous names such as Winston Churchil and Grace Kelly to her wedding; revolutionary Ecscentric Molecules, using only one base ingredient; or HEELEY for instance, taking you through different places with amazing natural scents reminding you of certain destinations.

Then there are classic cosmetics stars such as completely organic children’s line Estelle & Thild, Patyka containing unique botanicals and rare formulas, super effective products from Rodial or Evelom, the Rolls Royce of natural cosmetics.

You may also try something different as Californian eco-suncare COOLA, Ren clean skincare effectively performing without chemicals for a good price; or Asop,100% organic line containing natural conservators, producing everything you need in a bathroom, even offering shampoos for animal care.

Choose from nice home fragrances such as Diptyque, brand famous for its wonderfully smelling candles. The shop offers different 34 kinds of scents in a classic candle form as well as electronic ones and decorative vases. Plus they have one special treat combining all scents together smelling really amazingly. Or Dr. Vranjes, a collection of home fragrances with bamboo sticks making it a really nice gift.

Beauty products are available as well and as you can tell, they follow the green premium philosophy. Fnug, 100% natural nail polish, three layers are necessary but they allow your nails to breathe and that is important; or Laura Mercier’s collection. If you know how great she looks in her 60, you would buy every single piece of her line from primers, very good 20 SPF tinted moisturizers or popular 40 SPF creams to concealers or under eye perfecter dedicated to especially dark circles even for darker skin tones.

The Service

Masterclasses, make-up workshops and make-overs will be organized frequently in this beautiful scented space.  Moreover Skins Ibiza provides exceptional private cosmetics service on house-calls by request as well. They promise, no matter where you are, in the terrace of your luxury villa, on a yacht etc., the shopping experience can be delivered to you.

In the future this store is thinking about expanding to the second floor, where clients would be able to enjoy facial treatments or even create their own perfumes.

Why Ibiza

Skins Cosmetics have decided to bring their delights to Ibiza for couple of reasons. First, there was really something like this missing on the island. Of course there are many shops with great cosmetic and beauty products, but these particular can’t be found anywhere. Also, this shop is perfect destination when you’re looking for a perfect gift for your dear friend. Or when you want to impress someone with your delicate and refined taste.

Bonder & Co team has tried few products and we have to admit, they are amazing. That’s why we wanted to spread the word out. We’ll definitely think about our clients and arrange treatments with additional shopping experience right away!

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