9 reasons why to charter a boat while your stay!

Ibiza is an amazing destination not only for the glorious parties happening every day, but also for the beautiful nature around. One simply must discover all the island’s treasures from the small hidden fish restaurants in secluded bays to the secret spots providing all the privacy you can imagine.  And of course in order to experience the real deluxe holiday, rent boat in Ibiza! Not convinced yet? Read the reasons why you should definitely charter one!

1. Unique holiday

This experience will be truly unforgettable as its something very personal and stylish at the same time. This is the most tailored and individual type of vacation.

2. Easy access

As mentioned before, the island hides so many gems which no signings on the main streets talk about and maps won’t show you the way. With a yacht, that will take you around the whole island, you can visit places that can be reached by sea only and so easily swim in secluded crystal clear bays and tan on abandoned beaches.

3. The Atmosphere

There’s nothing comparable to a sunny day spent sailing on the sea. You feel the sea breeze while tanning and the sea scent around you.. And in the evening you can enjoy wonderful sunsets and the city lights by night. Really magical experience.

rent boat ibiza

4. Complete privacy

You don’t have to squeeze with hundreds of tourists at overcrowded beaches, fighting for your own little space. There’s no stepping over towels and beach bags on your way to the water, no unbearable screaming noise, no Frisbees landing on your head. Just you and your company.

5. Have it your way

No need to use headsets or listen to music you don’t like coming from the closest beach bar or restaurant. This way you can have your own dj sets and enjoy the tunes you like.

6. Your activities

Be as relaxed or as active as you like. Chill on the deck or play with all the water toys at your disposal. You can also take the advantage of the opportunity to learn new sailing skills, valuable for a lifetime.

rent boat ibiza

7. Eliminate stress

It has been proven in international studies, that boating is listed in the top-three of all stress-relieving activities. So even one day on a yacht will help you reduce stress and calm you down.

8. Formentera Trip

In order to get to the little sister of Ibiza, you have to go by a boat anyways, so why not with your own, rented one? You’ll have the benefit of total control over your time as no scheduled waiting in lines for tickets is needed and no watching your watch every hour if you still have some time left to enjoy this beautiful island. You’ll set out on trip whenever you want to and head off back to the Ibiza’s port also whenever you’ll feel like it.

9. A party!

Boat or a yacht is a great place to celebrate birthdays, successes or just the life in general. Fine food, fine drinks and amazing views shared with your beloved ones, that sounds great, doesn’t it?

rent boat ibiza

We believe this article has convinced you about the benefits of boat charter at least a little bit. If you need more material in order to make your decision or you’ve already made up your mind, check Bonder & Co website with the extensive offer of lovely boats, luxury yachts or astounding sailing yachts. Make your holidays unforgettably amazing!

rent boat in ibiza


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