Some men aren’t keen on letting their partners take the lead.

But not Russian photographer Murad Osmann.

While some of his peers hate the thought of just being led around the shops, he was quite happy to let his girlfriend guide him around the world.

Font by Daily Mail / By Simon Tomlinson

Cartoon Capers

The pair outside Disneyland. Murad’s girlfriend always has her back to the camera so you never see her face

Wherever I May Roam

Russian photographer Murad Osmann has documented his travels as he is guided around the world by his girlfriend

This Way, Darling

Murad is led down an avenue lined with statues of Buddhist monk on their leg of the Far East

Hat’s a Nice Shot

The pair have travelled from Moscow to Hong Kong and Singapore to Bali

At the Bowling Alley

Not all their travels involved exotic locations

The Couple Stands in Front of a Rainforest Scene

Murad works as an executive producer for film company Hype Productions

Love on an Escalator

There are also more down-to-earth shots like as Murad documents every element of their adventures

Popular Pictures

Murad has posted his photographs on his Instagram page, which has nearly 25,000 followers

Water Way to Live

The couple travel through Venice on a gondola. Every shot shows his outstretched hand clasping hers

You’re Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher

Preparing for a romantic hot-air balloon flight. The pair started their travels in October 2011

Closer to Home

The couple visit the famous Red Square in Moscow in their homeland of Russia

Bright Lights of the City

Some men aren’t keen on letting their partners take the lead, but not Murad

Travel Guide

Each image shows Murad’s extended hand holding onto his partner’s in front of him as she leads him to some of the globe’s most exotic locations

Hand-in Hand in Front of the Clock’s Hands

Murad is led past the iconic sights of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London

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