Today in the September Issue for Be Magazine Paris our director is featured as “Real People” by Anne Bianchi

“The spanish founder and director for Bonder & Co; Paloma Bonder

1). For how long have you been visiting Ibiza?

I was born here. My parents arrived from Russia in the 70´s. Ive lived in Mallorca, Barcelona, London. However finally I came back home to create this business just after I turned 25 years old.

2). So you only work 6 months a year?

That was initially the plan, but no. We have over 300 houses, weddings, events, birthday parties, a lot to organize!

3). How much are those properties?

In between 3,500€/week up to 150,000€/week

4). Which has been the most extravagant request you have eve had to deal with?

A french clients asked me for two private jets, one for his three kids. The other one for their three nannies with all their toys.

5). Your favorite hot spot?

Pou des Lleó in the north of the island, Cap Des Falco for sunset.

Interview by Anne Bianchi

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