Many times awarded top Spanish chef Paco Roncero and founder of SubliMotion ( you can read about this unique project here)  agreed to share his thoughts and ideas in an exclusive interview for Bonder & Co. Here we go!

1. How long it took for you and your team to create the perfect combination of food, scents, visualization and music?

We wanted to reach beyond the experience of taste, to create the overall 360 degrees sensation of the environment including smell, sound, visualization and feel. Therefore we have created our own private workshop, where we had spent months investigating different types of foods, products, materials, visiting scent factories and communicating and discussing with creative people that have helped us to develop this concept. In total it took something around two years of research and hard work.

2. How did you come up with this idea?

Nowadays my career achievements and experience allow me to share the “world of Paco” with others. I would like to show them how do I see and express the gastronomy, the world of foods and cuisines. But the most important idea behind SubliMotion, and in life general, is to evoke sensations and feelings to our customers. At the end it is not a restaurant and the price you pay will not give you the real value, SubliMotion is a show and it will provide the emotional value that matters.

3. What is your future vision with SubliMotion?

Who knows what will the future bring, but speaking for our team we would like to include show business professionals to move the experience even further, because the digital spheres and audiovisual material are crucial to this whole concept. The evolution of scenography is massive and in the future technologies will be even more advanced and developed.

4. Why have you chosen to bring SubliMotion to Ibiza from all of the other destinations?

I think Ibiza is really the melting pot, very international, mixing all cultures and nationalities and nothing is forbidden here! What I especially like about this destination, is that people come here to play. That is actually my motto, I want to make people play with the food and so not only taste it, but feel it too. All these attributes create the perfect base for such a beautiful project. And once the Palladium Hotel Group gave us the opportunity to introduce the concept to Ibiza and its travelers, we couldn’t refuse!

5. Any surprises along the way?

Initially I thought the concept would interest the international crowds mostly, but actually we have had numbers of Spanish clients that were wowed.  Another one could be, that to serve up 12 guests, there is a team of around 25 people needed in order to create the perfect experience.


Very inspiring, don’t you think? Many thanks to Paco Roncero, at Bonder & Co we cannot wait to bring this gastronomic adventure to our clients this summer.

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