The New Year’s Eve in Ibiza has never been better before! There are amazing parties happening and you simply cannot miss on that! Pop the champagne bottle and choose your crowd to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Ibiza with!

Choose one of the amazing parties and celebrate the jump into the new year in our White Isle with a glass of Moët & Chandon in one hand and someone to kiss in the other.

New Year’s Eve

The rocking season 2015 won’t be lacking on the perfect finale of the year, in the steps of such successful period, the end of the year would be as decadent and as loud as the amazing nights over the summer if not even more!


This winter, the festivities kick off at 9pm on the 31st of December, first with ‘Lío goes to Pacha’. The excellent dinner cabaret venue in the luxurious marina of Ibiza is moving their acrobatic and gastronomic experience to the club venue nearby and will create a blast for both your eyes and your tummy.

Once the  midnight has been passed and everyone has raised their glass of champagne to a prosperous new year 2016, Pacha is being transformed back into a proper club we so know and are in love with, opening at 1am for the clubbing night. The main headliner this year is the hottest Pacha artist of this summer 2015  – Solomun!

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day in Ibiza is definitely becoming the next big thing. Most of the Ibizan businesses closed down on New Year’s Day, however in 2016 you can be certain there’ll be plenty to do in the White Isle on New Year’s Day! Whether you’ve not yet been to bed, need a place to stay, would want rather someone to cook for you a delicious meal or want to dance off that hangover on the first day of 2016, Bonder & Co is here to help!

Make the most of New Year’s Day in Ibiza 2016, so why not to continue the amazing crazy night with a New Year’s Day party!


For the true party lovers there is always raving and mind blowing DC10 with its NYD party. Prepare yourself  for minimal techno mastery from the DJ star Richie Hawtin – backed up by some heavy hitters including the Martinez Brothers, Sossa, Tanya Vulcana, and many more who will be rocking a packed dancefloor.

If  all this sounds too energetic for you, then there is an excellent array of Ibiza´s finest eateries, offering a special “Menu de Noche Vieja” where you can enjoy an incredible gastronomic creations followed by some low-key events. There is also a number of activities to enjoy Ibiza to the fullest from spa relaxation to stunning walks across the empty beaches, all waiting for you to enjoy over the NYE period, that Bonder & Co would love to advise on! Contact Bonder & Co here , pick a luxury villa (which have special discount prices to die for by the way!) to stay at and let us prepare the time of your life for you

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