WHERE and WHO is coming to Ibiza in 2014?


Hello hello. MISS GOSSIP’s here!

I bet you’re still deciding on your perfect summer getaway. Well stop with that already, it’s been decided for you! Of course you’re coming here to Ibiza, end of discussion.

First of all you won’t find the kind of luxurious peace than on this White Island, anywhere else. Second of all, think about the beaches, venues, clubs, oh my…

But let’s get to the really interesting business. After all, you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to have your double mocca next to the gorgeous Naomi Campbell laughing loudly at cocksure wanna be models walking by.

The list of celebs coming to Ibiza regularly will might encourage you to say yes to the island.  And don’t even try to protest how you’re soo not interested in these things. You know deep down, we all secretly are. At least a tiny bit.

So let’s start with the name dropping!

You’ll probably meet someone already in the plane, especially flying from the major cities and in a business class of course. That would be pretty cool to see Bar Rafaeli sleeping with her mouth open right next to you, wouldn’t it?

Another cool opportunity to spot someone is to rent a villa next to someone famous. Some of the celebrities are renting the houses for a short while, such as Elle Macpherson, so you might be lucky and become a neighbor to one of them. But to be 100% sure, rent a villa right next to James Blunt’s house and spy on him while he gets out from the shower for instance.

If you don’t want to stay in your own private villa though, book a room in Ushuaia Hotel, Destino, Aguas de Ibiza or Gran Hotel. They accommodate plenty of stars (Paris Hilton to be exact) during the summer.

We’ve covered the accommodation then. After you unpack, put on your fancy schmancy dress, spray some Dolce & Gabbana on your neck and run to the Ibiza playground!

Start your day on the Ibiza’s bohemian beaches. Choose hippy Benirras hosting Sienna Miller or S’Éstanyol for its occasional secret events and pre-parties of world-known DJs. Don’t be surprised if Avicii throws a Frisbee at you while concentrating deeply on getting the perfect tan.

Later go shopping and stop by the jewelry store owned by Jade Jagger, the famous daughter of a rock-star Mick. Maybe she’ll be the one to help you to put some glittering necklace on. And after, have a lunch in Cipriani Dowtown Ibiza. Be careful to pick the right table with a clear view of Leonardo Di Caprio eating his Argentinean steak (FYI a light eye contact from time to time won’t hurt anyone and might get you an invitation to his private yacht).

Spend your afternoon in one of the cool beach clubs. In a famous celebrity hotspot, Blue Marlin, for instance. This place has truly impressing client list, including stars such as Nicole Sherzinger or Beyonce. Or go to have a fresh juice in El Chiringuito next to Kate Moss chilling with Marc Jacobs, maybe you overhear the spicy details from the fashion backstage life.

But don’t get too excited during the day, you have to keep some power for the amazing nights in Ibiza! Either you’re into the music industry or casual radio listener, these names might ring a bell for sure. Apart from the stars coming to perform here, including flirty Robin Thicke or relaxed Snoop Dogg,, there’s prepared a great line-up of cool DJs, playing in the hottest clubs for the whole summer season.  If you’re in mood for some craziness, go dance and jump to Aoki’s Playhouse or David Guetta’s  F*** Me I’m Famous party both in Pacha. Or sing along to Avicii’s tracks in Ushuaia and see Calvin Harris rocking it in Amnesia. And for some underground lovers, Carl Cox is playing in Space his electronic dance sets and Chase & Status some dubstep beats in Amnesia.

And just not to forget, Ibiza’s little sister Formentera is a popular holiday destinaton for celebs as well, Shakira or Giorgo Armani to name few..

I must say, after seeing the line-up of Djs for this year and the wonderful transformation of venues from the last season, offering much more now in terms of the very exclusive treatment, the number of celebs booking their flight tickets to Ibiza will be higher than ever for sure.

Pack your best show off clothes, expensive dark sunglasses (so no one sees who you’re checking out) and join the celebrity crowd. The White Island will swallow you up into the sensational experience and you’ll feel like a true star too.

Just like I do 😉

See you next week!




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