Incentive travel is not a luxury. It’s a necessity!


The reason is that it simply works. When it comes to motivating people, non-cash rewarding is 3x more effective than cash rewards according to the U.S. Travel Association.  For employees the incentive trip is much more than a reward, it is recognition of their performance.

incentive travel

 Why is incentive travel important?

Incentive travel proves to be more effective than other rewards system such as merchandise rewards or cash bonuses.

We think it’s completely understandable, just imagine what can do providing luxury vacation experience they otherwise would never have themselves and creating lifelong memories to your employees. How grateful and excited they would be after?

incentive travel

Why is so popular among companies?

1.Motivational Tool

2. Promoting Teamwork

3. Morale Booster

4. Increasing Service Level

5. Long lasting excitement

By rewarding them with a luxury incentive travel program, you’ll enjoy a more motivated staff, increase in moral and improved employee communication. But the most important thing is, they’ll feel happy and satisfied in their jobs and this is an every boss’s dream as this can increase the amount of effort, energy and time an employee is willing to put forth on the company’s behalf.

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Why is Ibiza a perfect place for an incentive trip?

Exotic, yet still in Europe with easy access. Ibiza’s reputation speaks for itself. No wonder there are thousands of visitors, luxury clients seeking for relax and some family time as well as group of friend enjoying enormous amount of entertainment the island provides.  The island is perfect for luxury incentive travel starting from excellent accommodation options ranging from stunning villas to 5 star hotels, followed by high class cuisine in renowned restaurants and delicious drinks from best cocktail men from all around the world. Moreover the island provides number of tranquil places to relax at, opportunities to do sports and adventurous activities (look here at some inland and in water) and of course venues for the group to have some fun time together.

incentive travel

Ibiza Closing Parties 2013

How to make the planning process easier?

Planning an incentive trip might be difficult in between your actual daily job, therefore don’t hesitate to ask a planning agency with years of experience to give you a hand. You’ll love their help especially in destinations you’re either not familiar with or don’t know how the logistics work there.


Benefits by using a planning agency:

–       Time savings – your ideas will be turn into travel plans without you moving a finger allowing you to focus on your work

–       Gained experience – trust the experience and knowledge the agency has, not only they know absolutely the location and have extensive relationships with suppliers, they are also used to any type of situation solving

–       Connections – even if your company have many influential friends for instance, the agency specialised in this field communicates with venues, hotels, managers and all the staff on daily bases and years of experience allowed them to create strong relationships with the best ones

–       Eliminate stress – to effectively manage incentive travel program is not only time consuming, but also learning how to do so in location you’re not exactly familiar with and dealing with all the aspects while having to focus on your actual job can be extremely stressful. The agency arranges everything for you.

–       Full control  – during the whole process you’ll be still the one in charge with the full control

incentive travel

Detailed services by a planning agency:

–       Accommodation sourcing, negotiating and contracting

–       Promotional campaigns/marketing

–       Transportation coverage

–       Production and management of all program materials

–       Attendee and VIP management

–       Expert analysis of budget variance

–       Complete logistical management

–       Program and entertainment organisation

–       Décor elements organisation

–       Food and beverage management

–       Complete on-site management

Ibiza opening parties summer 2013

Bonder & Co is happy to assist you with your luxury incentive travel program as we have extensive previous experience and love to bring the teams together! In case you’re thinking about rewarding your employees with magical Ibiza, or for you who need to convince your boss Ibiza is THE place to get together, contact Bonder & Co , we’ll create the right proposal for your unforgettable incentive travel team experience.


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