Oh, tired and exhausted? After partying for a few days, you need to:

  1. Refresh!
  2. Pamper your body only with vitamins and nutrition it needs
  3. Detox your body from all the bad toxins
  4. Be a bit persistent with your cleanse

Therefore you might try fresh live juice cleanses founded by health guru Cliff Grubin in 2011. These products are not apple juices with good branding. They actually posses a unique cleaning system combining cold-pressed, live juice cleanses with a home delivery service. And just to know, juice cleanse is a proven and a very quick way to detoxify your system!

Cliff Grubin has started with a lovely juice bar in Cala Benirras, but with the ambition to take it a step further, he founded iPurify to provide excellent service right to your home and so help others lead a healthier life.


juice detox


iPurify products are made by using a hydraulic press, based on a revolutionary juicing technology, that extracts a much higher concentration of minerals and vitamins than any other machine available. The thing is that less oxygen enters the juice and so it’s much more nutritionally dense.



But the most important part of this or any other cleanse is the juice itself. You have to have in mind to put the best in your body in order to achieve results. The effect is, that nutrition is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and the cells are fueled within minutes what easies demands on digestive system and ensures efficient absorption.

All of the juices are vegan, non-diary, non-pasteurized, living and packed with nutrients your body needs to kick off the natural process of cleaning. Cliff’s mission is to promote pesticide–free farming in Ibiza and support locally grown ingredients. You can choose from 3, 6 and 9 day long cleanse of different types such as: pure, essential, ultimate and custom, according what level of cleanse are you looking for. And then you’ll enjoy six juices every day!



If you’ve ever wondered why is cleansing so important and why you hear about detox everywhere you go, it’s because it really works and helps your body. Detoxing enhances body’s natural ability to remove toxins and limiting the intake of new ones. Cells and organs are allowed to purge, repair and rejuvenate. Not only you’ll feel different from inside but also your body will thank you with vibrant and fresher look.


Other offers

Besides fresh, delicious and healthy juices, the brand offers other products as well to help your body get rid of all the toxins accelerating the cleansing process. Obviously if you accompany your juice detox with other detoxifying products, results will be even more dramatic. Try out their body brush, exfoliating one of the most toxin elimination organs of your body – skin, that will help you with several issues: remove dead skin, cellulite, improve circulation (a necessity in cleansing process) and make you feel fresh and healthy.


juice detox


Well let’s help your body recover from crazy holiday/culinary marathon/ adventurous journey in Ibiza with a juice cleanse right away!

What all of you will appreciate after a crazy night out is the convenience of home delivery. Call your concierge and get delivered your detox program, advising you the treatment that would suit your requirements the best.




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