If you haven’t been to or at least heard about the famous Be Crazy Ibiza Party yet, oh you’ve missed a lot!


That is what Jean Claude Ades aka JCA says (and we, here at Bonder & Co couldn’t agree more). But for all of you to know, what is so hot and special about it, we were lucky enough to catch this busy DJ, producer and founder of the Be Crazy concept of parties and house music record label.

And we cannot wait to share!


Jean Claude Ades

1. Would you say you’re a producer or DJ first? And how do the two roles work in unison?

As I come from a musical family I started to move around the music very early. It began with playing a piano, then at 16 I bought my first computer, jumped into producing and at age around 20 I had my first record ready. But I also love to DJ and go to the clubs and listen to other DJs. I think it creates a perfect balance to do both, even though it takes a lot of work to keep it. Me personally, I cannot DJ without composing and vice versa, it’s just the best way to play your own music in sets.

2. What aspect of your job you like the most?

Well I would say the traveling part. Sometimes it gets a bit exhausting, as you are in a plane almost every week and my route is usually the same: airport-hotel-club, but I’ve been to almost every major city so far so that’s great! But the best thing for me is, that my passion has became my job. Music has always been my life and so it doesn’t feel like actual working when I’m at work.

3. What is so amazing/special about Be Crazy Parties, apart from your DJ-ing  of course?

That it is a mix of the best! A great mix of people, from young to grown up crowd, from music lovers to VIPs and a mix of Deep and Tech house as well. Most of the parties today are black and white only, either too commercial or too underground. Be Crazy Parties provide something that is accessible for both worlds and that’s why I think the events are so popular and the clientele spread is so wide. It’s something different in a fancy venue with a good music and a good crowd.

4. What makes Ibiza a special place for you to DJ in?

I love the energy in the air here and there’s everything for everyone to make them feel happy. Business-wise, Ibiza is a centre of Europe, or even the whole world maybe, for electronic music movement. That’s also why it makes such a big challenge for DJs. There are people coming from all over the world having high expectations and you don’t play just for one night however for the whole long season.

5. You’ve been visiting Ibiza since 1994, have you seen the vibe of the island change over the years? How so?

It’s been a great difference between now and then. Everything has changed for the better, the infrastructure, venues, programs and line-ups. There are more visitors flying in and more people moving here. The seasons are getting longer and wintertime on the island has became amazing and enjoyable as well. Ibiza is simply exploding!

6. Out of all the tunes you have, which one never fails?

There are so many! But lately I’d have to say it’s the 2012 track, “You make me feel”.


This made us even more excited about the 2014 season in Ibiza than we were before! And you should feel the positive energy he radiated with  during the whole interview .. well with his Be Crazy Ibiza Parties it will be one hell of a summer for sure.


Be Crazy Ibiza

Be Crazy at Lio


So get in the Be Crazy mood right away!:

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