When you think about Ibiza, you can’t forget stunning properties with that certain something, that also makes the White Isle so special and unique.

Each year there are more and more gorgeous villas and mansions growing around the island. And each time they’re able to surprise even the most critical eye. To understand better what exactly stands behind the architecture and design, we’ve asked the BEST architects Ibiza. Read the interview bellow!

Today we’re here with Jaime Romano!

best architects ibiza

best architects ibiza

best architects ibiza

1. What do you think it’s the biggest influence on architecture & design in houses in Ibiza?

J.R.: There are many actually. Firstly, is the combination of white volumes, cubic shapes of the vernacular architecture integrated in the landscape of Ibiza. Secondly, modern architecture of the 60’s-70´s that has had a  great influence on today’s houses on the island. Coderch and Sert on the Spanish background. Le Corbusier as an universal reference, particularly in his poetic approach to the Mediterranean atmosphere.An also the pop approach. painting ‘A bigger splash’ by David Hockney reflects exactly the spirit! Californian style jumping into the swimming pool frivolousness, pleasure and enjoying life, that’s what Ibiza’s architecture is all about. And also we can feel the Miami “beach spirit related to the 90‘s in local house design. To sum it up, the architecture definitely tries to take a hedonistic approach.

best architects ibiza

2. Have you seen a lot of changes in architecture, design and taste in Ibiza over the years?

J.R.: Oh yes, it used to be only about summer basic houses years ago. That meant you enjoy your summer holiday, lock the house at the end of august and leave until next year. You didn’t need a TV or any electronic device, just a fridge.  Everything in the house was very simple letting you enjoy the time outside.Now the tendency has changed.Houses are much more sophisticated… and technologic.  People travel back and forth several times a year and even commute (between London and Ibiza for example). People stay connected, even during their holidays, and the shell they live in has to adapt to this new “always connected” mode.

3. What is your own inspiration?

J.R.: I would say family. I’d like to see myself as the pencil of someone who can’t draw so wellI listen to my clients so to understand the dream they have about the house and about their holidays. I think holiday is definitely related to childhood. It’s a certain projection of a feeling, a dream of the mind. I love to capture this intimate myth in my designs.You get a lot of information to play with as each client is different -particularly in Ibiza where people come from around the world-. Their cultural background is very inspiring for me.

4. How do you see the future of architecture & design in Ibiza?

J.R.: I think it’s heading towards getting back to the essence of Mediterranean values and the spirit of holiday itself. We’re ending now a period of overabundance and frivolousnessThere is a deep change of mind. The architecture should lead us towards  the real experience of life, where you can enjoy intimacy, nature, friendship and… hedonism.

5. Tell us about some of your visually favourite places in Ibiza and why!

J.R.: The church of Santa Eularia! It is a Mediterranean manifesto.

best architects ibiza

best architects ibiza

Thank you Jaime for your time! If you would like to explore Jaime’s work, take a look at his site here.

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