Exclusive service, elegance on its highest level, professionalism and high quality: these are the characteristics that distinguish a unique company in the island: Ibiza Solutions.

From renting exclusive Vilas to services like private chef, chauffeur, personal trainer, nanny, bodyguard or a private plane, Ibiza Solutions devotes its personal attention into fulfilling every customer request, with innovation and creativity. During the last six years, Paloma Bonder, founder of the VIP service, has dedicated all her efforts to lead a team of professionals who, year after year, exceed the expectations of its customers by offering luxury innovative ideas.

This summer, the children parties have been a true chance for exploring fantasy to the limit. “We design children’s events, with the idea of recreating a world of illusions, in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fashion, where everything from decoration to the preparation of food and drinks in small size, turned these celebrations into a cut out space tailored for children”, says Paloma while showing us a picture where we see princesses ages 5 to 9, in elegant poses in one of the vilas managed by her company.

For the coming fall season, Ibiza Solutions will introduce something completely new to the island, in collaboration with Vanessa Van Wieren, one of the most renowned art directors in the field of interior design for exclusive events in the United States. “We will work together especially in the planning and design of weddings, introducing in Ibiza an original way to live this memorable moment, taking care of each and every detail, designing the food, enhancing the senses and innovating and creating the experience. The decor as well as the integral setting up of the event, all matching the bride’s dress, the different event ́s activities and the space where it takes place, plus an absolute discretion” explains Paloma about this cutting edge concept ready to hit Ibiza next month.

Vanessa Van Wieren, director of Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations, and Paloma Bonder, creator of Ibiza Solutions, unite their passion for attention to detail, genuely inspired to present to their clients events aiming to match their every dream.

Blue Marlin Ibiza Solutions Blue Marlin Ibiza Solutions

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