If you are planning a premium night out in Ibiza you are going to want to be looking and feeling your best. Who knows who you will encounter on the night scene as Ibiza is frequented by the hottest movie stars, coolest rock royalty and sassy super models.

First of all make sure you have a VIP table. In Ibiza you never know how it goes, sometimes the real party has already started and you are still waiting in the line for your ticket. Or you won’t enjoy the amazing experience if somebody behind you is constantly hitting you with her/his bag. Secure rather a VIP table with all the drinks you want, all the comfort you need and no necessary hassle, just an extraordinary Ibiza night!

Next thing to think about before going out, is to have a full fridge of ice cold drinks, music on and something small to bite.

Then you can make sure your wearing the latest Ibizan trends by taking a trip around the exclusive boutiques. If you are unsure of where to start you can ask the team at Bonder and Co to arrange a personal shopper experience for you. With their eye for style they can advise you in deciding which look to go for from romantic boho, glamorous goddess or effortless chic. Whatever your style and taste you can discuss with your shopper who can show you the best destinations to hunt down your desired outfit, tailoring a shopping trip for you.



To complete your look you will want to have glossy locks and a flawless face, which can be given to you by a MAC make- up artist and a professional hair-stylist that can come to your villa to prepare you for the night. Whether you want a sophisticated up do or beautiful blow dry you will feel as if you are a celebrity as you get pampered in the privacy of your own villa. And don’t forget about flawless mani & pedi!



In order to complete the perfect night a private driver is ideal in ensuring you arrive to the venue in style and stress free. We can also arrange your chauffeur to be ready to collect you when your night of partying in the VIP area is over, making sure you get back to your villa in a reliable and safe way.

With the help of Bonder and Co planning the optimum night out is easy and we can give you an experience you will never forget. Contact us here.


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