Residents, lovers and admirers of Ibiza´s beauty have out themselves together to say to a project financed by Scottish company Cairn Energy, well known for their controversial decision to drill for oil in the environmentally fragile Arctic Circle. This company has been given the go ahead by government officials in Madrid amidst strong local opposition. There are 4 main reasons why Ibiza lovers understand this should not be an option at all:

1. Damage to Ibiza´s Coastline

This could mean a real catastrophe of oil leak deep beneath the sea, like in Mexico in year 2010, being one of the world´s worst disasters which caused endless loose of fish, mammals and birds. Exploratory project create sound waves between 10,000 and 100,000 times louder than any plane engine.

2. Acoustic Surveys

The dramatic devastation  would interfere mainly in the ability to orientate and navigate. As well as internal bleeding and a large amount of unrepairable injuries

3. Whales, Dolphins and Turtles

The western Mediterranean´s migratory corridor used by whales, dolphins and turtles would be a tremendous danger and this oil rig would theater their survival.

4. Clean Seas

You may have heard of Ibiza´s Posidonia a seagrass that UNESCO has decided to protect under their strong arms. This is mainly what keeps the seas crystal clear and clean around Ibiza and Formentera, would be irrevocably damaged. This accumulation of toxic chemicals would mean the begin of the end of our beautiful Balearic Island and all our memories.


To this very vibrant and passionate campaign which has started by local residents there has been an enormous support form not only by the press, local lovers but a large of Ibiza celebrities have sent their nude message of “Ibiza says NO”. Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Pete Tong are among the celebrities backing a campaign to stop oil exploration off the coast of Ibiza.

At Bonder & Co we also say NO!! Hands-off our treasure, our Paradise, our Nature and our crystal seas.

Ibiza says No; Silke, Miss Facebook 2013 Benavente and hostess Judith Lorenza Castell in images shared on social networks actress.

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