Formentera and Ibiza Property Investment

Ibiza and Formentera are islands with breathtaking scenery from enchanting coves to lush greenery. The real estate available for investment on both the islands is also diverse. Ranging from luxurious penthouse apartments, private gated estates and modern villas with Ibicencan flair there is something to suit any taste. Of course the purpose of investing is to make a stable purchase that will offer return and security. With the current economic benefits investing in Ibiza and Formentera has never looked so prosperous and that is why it is wise to invest in the white isle!

Due to the low interest rates put in place by the European Central Bank to boost economic growth, Spain’s housing market has soared. Making it an even more attractive location for investing for foreign investors as they can get a higher return from their investments. There is also more good news for prospective British investors in Ibiza and Formentera. The pound against the euro reached a high after 16- months this month and is expected to keep rising. The European Central Bank brought forward an interest rate cut and negative deposit rate that led to depreciation of the Euro whilst the pound remained strong. Therefore, it is a prime time to take advantage of the current exchange rate when investing, as you will get more for your money! 

Fear not if you live outside the EU, as new law put in place in July allows non- EU residents to gain automatic Spanish residency when purchasing a property worth €500,000. The ability to travel freely through Europe is an attractive part of the deal for foreign investors from places such as the UAE, Russia and America. Which is an additional bonus on top of owning a gorgeous property on one of the idyllic Islands.

Property investment offers you a tangible investment and this is why it’s wise to invest in bricks and mortar. By deciding to invest in property you will own a solid investment that will always be standing. Even if the economy goes up or down, unlike shares that cannot be seen or touched you will have a property ready to be rented or sold. Property investment may not offer the quickest, highest return but it offers high stability. Having a property in Ibiza or Formentera allows you to profit from the multiple uses, especially with the busy summers attracting over 2million tourists. Bonder and Co have an extensive list of clientele, who love a plush place to stay during their holiday and are searching for the perfect luxury property to rent. This will allow you to generate an income when you aren’t staying in your property.

If you use the services of Bonder and Co, you will be advised on how to reap the most rewards from your property. After many successful years in renting villas and apartments Bonder and Co have the right knowledge in what makes a property marketable and rentable.

Usually a property returns 4-8% from renting. With Bonder and Co´s consulting and assisting from start to finish this can go up to 20-50%. Services include; guidance in the buying process, to preparing strategic plans on how to maximize return and even on refreshing a house in order to make it the most appealing for renters. With Bonder and Co management and consultation you can benefit from a higher return and utilise our understanding of property management and rental in Ibiza and Formentera with a name you can trust.

It makes sense to invest in Ibiza and Formentera! You can enjoy the property while it acquires value, generate return from rentals and preserve your capital all whilst owning a beautiful asset in one of the most stunning parts of the world.

For any consultations or advice, contact Bonder & Co and we will gladly help you.

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