It’s time for the Ibiza Medieval Festival once again, an entertaining cultural event that attracts over 100,000 visitors every year over three days of festivities. The streets of Dalt Vila become a great open-air theatre filled with minstrels, artists, bird handlers, artisans, silversmiths, spice traders, dancers and chocolate makers, turning this part of town into a thrilling spectacle and a mass of colours, smells and flavours from several continents.

The extraordinarily beautiful city walls and the fortified part of the city are considered by UNESCO to be the most well-preserved acropolis in the entire Mediterranean. Its impressive gateways and battlements welcome visitors and are turned into the setting for concerts, plays and a wide program of events taking place from morning to night all through the weekend. Children and adults, tourists and residents, friends and families – nobody wants to miss out on the great atmosphere, lovely weather, fantastic views over the sea and the harbour, plus the live music that always accompanies the celebrations.

Walking round Dalt Vila during the Medieval Festival takes you on a journey into the past and reminds you that Ibiza has always known how to absorb the legacy left behind by many different cultures, while keeping its own deeply-rooted customs and traditions very much alive. The Medieval Festival is a date with the island’s history, but it is also a sign of renewed enthusiasm for the festive, cosmopolitan and multicultural nature that has made Ibiza so famous all over the world.


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