Hello hello!

How are you all? I have to say I am feeling so excited!

You can really tell Ibiza’s awake now and it’s gonna be even better! I hear music everywhere, smell great food, omg those people and I don’t even have to be in a club, the atmosphere is really everywhere here. Yap, this season will be  epic once again!

I was thinking about how to showcase what’s happening here in the best way so you’ll understand why you simply MUST come to the White Island, and whilst I was taking my 5 min lunch break (it really doesn’t take that much time to eat 3 salad leafs and scroll to the last seen post on Instagram), it hit me! You need to get jealous.

Vice of many of us and a very powerful tool in many cases. Come on, even if we don’t want to admit it, we are jealous from time to time. Some of us very slightly, for a second and only once in a year and then there’s Beverly Hills 90210. For now I just hope for small push that will make you call your PA with request of booking flights to Ibiza. Or that might be a bigger one if you’re a tough cookie.

Well in order to do so, you need to see the reality. And what’s nowadays a better source of reality than Instagram?! I admit, American smiles all the time and I-just-woke-up selfies might not reflect how you really feel, but if you take a picture of a nice place (posing or no posing), you still went to a nice place. Instagram tells us what, who, where, and most importantly how, so I’ve decided to share with you who’s been here for the last week, what’ been happening and how the visitors have been enjoying their Ibiza time. Plus you’ll see some really hot looking people.

My plan is simple: you see-you get jealous-you come. Let’s get to it then:


Even I was intrigued and wanted to join the crowd. And probably, most certainly I mean, I will right after I finish this article, so let me say bye to you.

Can’t wait to next week!



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