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I’ve been really busy these days. You can’t blame me, you should see it here! It’s crazy! I don’t know where to look first, flashing lights, DJs in music trance, sexy men all around, stylish girls everywhere, drinks, celebs, hands in the air, sunsets, dinners, sea waves, brunches, that and that..my head’s spinning! But no regrets, you know me by now, I just LOVE this Ibiza craziness!

Because so many people ask me the same questions all the time, I’ve decided to brief you a bit on clubbing in Ibiza. Basically you have to know how it works here in advance to have the best time without any disruptions.

In this Ibiza clubbing guide you’ll find everything you need to know before your crazy night! So let’s get to it:


When to go?

The typical season in Ibiza starts at the beginning of May and runs until the middle of October. The great thing is, that it keeps prolonging, so maybe in few years we’ll be all screaming Avicii’s name even in December! Woup wuop!

During this time, everything’s open. Every restaurant, every bar, every café, so you can enjoy the island to the fullest avoiding angry faces after you drive all the way to your favorite spot and see a big CLOSE sign hanging on the door.

Clubbing season kicks off with International Music Summit IMS and right after that, all clubs open their doors to eager clubbers. For instance Space opens on the last Sunday of May and this party is considered as the most important opening, so if you’ve missed it, be sure you’re there next year.

The clubs close one by one in the last weeks of September and first in October and then it’s back to only Pacha and smaller venues again.

A little advice you’ll appreciate later: Try to take your days off before or after August. Basically, try to avoid the whole August. There are so many people coming on their holidays, clubs are overcrowded, costs of drinks and tickets are at their highest, it’s so hot and very difficult to get a taxi or rent a car.  And imagine what’s happening at beaches.. the competition for at least a little space is painful.  But at the end..if you have saved some extra Euros during the work year and have a fierce concierge, you don’t have to mind these things.


What is the age limit?

Good news Americans, you must be only 18 to enter any club on the White Island. That applies also to buying alcohol.


What’s the time schedule?

If you’re not aware it’s good to know, here in Spain it’s a bit different. Everything happens late (yes everything, including business meetings). Usually you have a very late dinner and the nightlife only starts after. You won’t find too overcrowded bars before midnight. Although most clubs open at midnight, you’ll be a weirdo coming earlier than at two at least. But if you enjoy dancing all alone on empty dance floor, go for it. Clubs close at around seven, so even if starting really late, you have plenty of time to ruin your shoes from all that dancing.


Club tickets?

There are thousands of ways how to get them. Buy them directly at the spot at the entrance, online, in stands, from promoters, pray you’ll meet someone who invites you for free or ask a concierge to get you anywhere.

Buying them in advance assures guaranteed entry and the best price. Some of the parties are so famous and fabulous, it’s almost impossible to get a ticket last minute. That’s why you should check the party schedule ahead, decide where you want to get crazy and hire a concierge, to arrange everything for you. This way you not only save your precious time, but you’ll avoid stressed angry promoters and reservation department having no patience with your requests.

Please remember, if you change your mind, you have to cancel reservation 24hrs before, otherwise you’re still paying even if you don’t show up.


VIP tickets?

You have to have in mind, that in some cases, purchasing a VIP will get you access to the balcony only, not to the separate VIP areas with tables and couches. Always ask before you buy the ticket, so you won’t end up screaming at club’s staff or an actual guests.

If you wonder how much the price could be, let me reveal the wonderful number then. Some of the tables cost 8000€ of minimum spending. Oh yes, it can get that expensive.  But everything depends on the night, on the kind of a party, DJ and mood of the in-house reservation team. If you decide to book a table, some clubs offer you included service in the cost. Pacha for instance provides waitress service and drinks up to the value of the table, other just ask to pay for a table and any drinks are at additional cost.

Reservations are guaranteed until certain time only. For example in Pacha you have to arrive by 2:30am the latest. So inform on that as well.


How does it work?

All tables are booked on request. In order to get a table for you and your company, you have to receive by email a final confirmation from the club. They’ll ask you to provide your information, cardholder name, credit card number and expiry date. In some cases you’ll be asked to pay 50% before and then 50% on spot and in some you have to pay in advance, it depends on the company policy.


What to bring to the club?

Bring a photo ID card with you as you’ll be asked for it at the entrance. No photocopies though. And of course, don’t forget your bursting wallet, if you’re not a Victoria’s Secret Angel, there’s no chance you’ll get drinks for free.


What to wear?

I’m not a parrot here guys; I’ve already explained what to wear to what club. If you’ve by any chance missed my last post on this topic, please redeem yourself and read it through carefully so you won’t embarrass yourself or your friends wearing socks and sandals to Lio. See the dressing guide here.


How to get there?

If you rent a car, go by car. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. But please don’t drive drunk. If none of you from the group is willing to stay sober and ready to become a taxi driver for the rest, a taxi would be a better option then. They are relatively cheap, especially when there are more of you. Expect something around 30€ from Ibiza to San Antoni, 15€ to the airport. But let me tell you it might be veeery difficult to catch one at 6am, especially in July and August.

The other option is Disco Bus, running all night long. Or hire a driver that will drive you whenever you want and wait for you at the entrance, ready to pick you up and drive safely and stress-less back home.


Avoid the queue?

Imagine hundreds of people waiting to get in and have the best time.. Uff..too much too handle.. The easiest way is to buy tickets in advance. That way, you don’t have to wait in a long queue, just enter a separate guestlist entrance.

If you buy a VIP though, most of the times you can enter through special entrance and avoid queuing with the rest of the crowd this way.


Go out and return?

The deal breaker here is, once you’re in, you’re in. Re-entry is not allowed at most clubs, so be sure when leaving that you really don’t want to come back in later.


Hmm.. this is it I guess, this is how it works here. Please don’t see it as a long list of do’s and don’ts, this is not a scheduled army program. It’s just a little help for you to get around just fine without any “Whaaat?!” , “I didn’t know that!!” and “No one told me!” gasps.

And plus, you can be a party pro in front of your friends.

Sooo… It’s Saturday night, right?.. You’ve been briefed now, so have a cool and organised party night 😉

See you next week!




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