Tired of lying on the beach all day every day? Try something different, something more adventurous! Even though Ibiza is relatively small island, there are so many Ibiza activities you can do inland besides clubbing and sun tanning!


ibiza activities

Walking Ibiza

You’ll be amazed by the beauty of the island’s scenery. Not only you’ll have a nice refreshing walk and spend some nice time in nature, you’ll also discover secret beaches, hidden spots and paths. Bonder & Co had the opportunity to try out this walk and the views we’ve experienced were truly impeccable. Moreover the super charismatic guide will share interesting information along the way, so you get educated a bit also! If you’re up to even more tracking, Walking Ibiza organizes also tours around the full circumference of the island. It is quite challenging, but definitely worth it, if this is one of your hobbies.


ibiza activities


Either choose a classic bicycle for accessible paths wondering from town to town or rent mountain bikes and try challenging fun trails in the island’s forests. There are more routes to choose from, some are light for you to enjoy time in nature and some are pretty challenging so the choice is yours. You can also push yourself to join a two-day cycle ride round the island!


ibiza activities


Another adventurous activity would be definitely a paintball party! Reserve few hours and go check out paintball areal near San Antonio. Firstly play on the field and after have a BBQ with your friends. If you’ll be too hot, jump into the pool, lounge under the shades or walk through tropical gardens. And as it’s usual in Ibiza, you can find a DJ with stage and bar here.


ibiza activities


Want to have some fun family time? Go go-karting! There are two popular places available, one in Santa Eulalia and one in San Antoni. Both offer bar with terrace and game zones for the small ones, including a trampolines.


ibiza activities


A new 18-hole course along an older 9-hole course form together a unique 27-hole golf experience in Ibiza. Opened 20 years ago with few changes along the way, the club is still very popular amongst the golf players. Moreover there’s a practice range for beginners, snack bar and a restaurant.


ibiza activities


Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but Ibiza has its traditions and history dating long way back. Hire a private cultural guide who will explain all the crispy stories and secrets that had happened behind the walls of Ibiza’s old town, or visit local museums such as Museum of Archeology, collecting all the prehistoric artefacts, Contemporary Art Museum showing the amazing creativity emerged after the 60s, and galleries like Galeria Van der Voort, considered to be the best one, Galeria Es Moli featuring very interesting artworks or highly recommended The Sea Museum. Not only you’ll see the past, but also modern contemporary artists that celebrate their success worldwide. Anyways there are so many things to see and also to know, that the best thing would be to hire a private cultural guide to take you through the whole Ibiza background.


ibiza activities


You have so many options where to do your holiday shopping in Ibiza! Browse through boutiques of local designers, stores with international brands or visit famous hippy markets. Find a list of the top shops here.


ibiza activities

Horse Riding

For all the horse lovers, Ibiza has a great place just for you. In the Northern part of the island there can be found a 70 hectares canyon in the natural park of Es Muerta, where you can explore lush and untouched mountain tops, see breath-taking panoramas or discover hidden coves and beaches, all on the horseback.


ibiza activities


This might be a fun activity for your whole group! Imagine looking for hidden treasures around the island – not only adventurous and thrilling, but you’ll also explore the island’s nature. The only thing you have to do is download the app for your smartphone, state your location and follow the instructions!


ibiza activities

Rock climbing

Don’t get scared with the picture! You have many options from beginner level to the pro one. With nearly 400 bolted routes, every rock-climber can have plenty of fun here. The majority of crags are found in the North, but Southern part of the island has some nice tracks as well.


ibiza activities


This is a great holiday activity! Enjoy fun and speed ride on rented quads! See the island differently! You can take a quad for a ride or join the group for organized tours around the island.

See, you might try different things besides lounging and sipping Champaign. Do some sports or more adventurous activities the White Island offers!


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