Our Verdict:

Hottest Woman “Rachel Montague – Care free Diva”

About: Arrived in Ibiza 2009 with no money and no real aim apart from having a fun! Within one week she was offered work dancing for some of the major clubs and in no time was snapped up by Ibiza Modeling Agency – DEVA Models.  Self-employed, a dancer in-demand with all the major clubs and Brazilian Vogue on the way to Ibiza for an exclusive feature & shoot in August. This girl is hot, hot, hot right now!

Wild Ibiza Experience: She was hired for a15-minute modeling job in a Private Villa for a Birthday Party, that involved being carried out to over 1000 people, on a tray…covered in Birthday Cake with just a flower to cover her modesty!
Secret Ibiza Hang-out: Atzaro & Balafia

Nationality: British and 25 yrs

Profession: Dancer & Model

Hottest Men “Daniel Sancho – Dancing the Waves”

About: Born in Barcelona. Law Student. Ex-professional ballet dancer and settled down in Ibiza 10 years ago.

Wild Ibiza Experience: I loved parties at private villas 10 years ago, when it was still allowed, always full of very genuine, funny, interesting and simple-hearted people, from all over the world.

Secret Ibiza Hang-out: I love chilling at my own home, a smart, nice, classic Ibiza white house, in the middle of the Natural Park in Salinas. Especially in Autumn with the yellow leaves, the chimney, the smell of earth and the Ibiza wilderness.

Nationality: Spanish and 37 yrs

Profession: Founder and CEO at Ibiza´s top yacht company and Co-founder at Beso Beach Formentera

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