“It takes a minute to start a rumor but a lifetime to stop it,” as Guy Gerber says..


Actually it means more than a bit of wisdom, for the Israeli producer Guy Gerber it is the presiding theme of his imprint and annual weekly party on the White Isle in one of the hottest spots, Beachouse. 

It has begun a religious affair for the house music lovers that like the clubbing experience topped up with sand between their toes and the stars above. The stylish beachfront venue Beachouse offers a very cool musical journey as Guy Gerber does what he does best, makes people dance!

Either you choose the crowded area inside the beach restaurant, to mingle and get some of that fresh cocktails or the stretch of beach that runs from the steps to the waters edge, you will experience some cool clubbing, hot socializing, a bit of dancing and eye flirting. 

This open-air party has played an integral part in the past two years, Ibiza 2015 has experienced an explosion in the number of parties to be thrown, and Guy Gerber’s Rumors party in BEACHOUSE is definitely the must one to catch!



If you wish to be a part of this very very cool beach party, contact Bonder & Co for your own table and let’s get on board!


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