One of the best parties in Ibiza right now? Definitely RUMORS presented by the talented, edgy and definitely special musician, DJ and producer Guy Gerber. Read on and get to know this enigmatic Israeli.


Guy Gerber

1. About Guy Gerber:

Guy Gerber is a techno/progressive/house DJ, producer and musician from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Before he was very much into drum machines and synths, groups like Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine and these influences still echo clearly in his music he produces today. Over the course of 4 albums, as a performer, Guy Gerber is consistently rated as one of the best touring acts in dance music. Gerber’s sets are never forgettable, and he has an impeccable ability to disrupt expectations.

Previously he confounded Ibiza VIPs with his 2013 Wisdom of the Glove residency at Pacha (which by the way caught even the New York Times’ attention) and a year later he went in a totally new direction with his clandestine free Ibiza beach party, Rumors.


2. What albums has he produced?

In 2007, it was his debut album Late Bloomers he brought to Sven Vath’s Cocoon, following that with 2009’s My Invisible Romance. In 2012 and 2013, he came with the concept of a mix CD, delivering a Fabric album made up of hundred percent original new productions and then Who’s Stalking Who with an LP more akin to an extended composition than anything else. 

Guy Gerber

3. What were the beginnings in Ibiza?

He brought the the indie with the whole new concept and the cutting edge line-up to the commercial world of Pacha and proved everybody that anything is possible!

Later he decided he wants to do something exactly on the opposite side than big like Ibiza has become so famous for. He just wanted to make good parties, with no DJs no line-up,  just Rumors. And that concept proved to be very successful even without any promotion!

4. What is so special about Rumors Parties?

You don’t know who is going to play, how it’s going to be – exactly like it used to be in Ibiza –  free without politics, just people on the beach, listening to music, having a great time. There is no line-up, as Guy says: “If my friend is around he can play, if I am I will play!” and it holds this feeling of exclusivity although the entrance is free and everybody is welcomed.

Guy Gerber has bunch of talent for his parties, resulting in a musical journey unlike any others, tons of fun, assembling the coolest crowd together. Combine this with a laid back luxury beach club setting, sand, fresh drinks by the sunset, later stars above your head and there’s the magic!


Guy Gerber

5. What makes his playing a signature one?

He believes if he’s dancing everybody is, if he has goos pumps everybody has. “You know when it’s good, and when it’s bad. I never leave the place without la little bit of magic. I need to leave some magic in the place!

6. What are his projects or plans for the future?

Starting a family, and alongside the DJ gigs, trying to do some formidable pop music. And releasing albums while not necessarily dance floor-like. “Currently I am working on crossover pop album, between my music and the pop world while still staying credible to the underground world where I come from.”


And lot’s of Rumors parties we hope! 😉



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