Ready…. Steady… GOO!!!

For all the crazy drivers and fast cars lovers, there’s an enormous event coming on!

A rally brought by Gumball 3000 starts in fancy Miami with the finish line in sunny and crazy Ibiza. The official route for 2014 will go across two continents and five countries, filled with amazing checkpoints, best parties and concerts and of course VIP hospitality.

First started back in 1999 by British entrepreneur, designer and ex-racer Maximillion Cooper, Gumball 3000 rally presents such stars as Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce or Aston Martin. The annual race is a rolling 3.000 mile festival of speed driving and as you can see the most exclusive supercars (FYI last year was won by a United Arab Emirates team driving a custom Lamborghini Aventador).

Participants start on the 4th of June finishing on the 11th after passing through the major cities, New York, Atlanta, Edinburgh, London, Paris, Barcelona and stopping in Ibiza. This year’s race will cost them around $40.000 to enjoy the ride. Don’t miss your chance to participate and apply here.

This years route of 2014 Gumball 3000 ‘Miami to Ibiza’ Rally is truly amazing:

  • 4.6.: Kick off in Miami with registration and parties
  • 5.6: South Beach to Atlanta, Georgia
  • 6.6.: From Atlanta to New York for events and more supercars action
  • 7.6.: Transportation of cars across the sea to Scotland, the drivers travel in private jets
  • 8.6.: The rally continues! From Scotland to London
  • 9.6.: London to Paris
  • 10.6.: Paris to Barcelona
  • 11.6.: The finale! Barcelona to IBIZA!

After crossing the finish line, the organization has prepared a grand finale party with amazing excitements. And you’ll see, you’ll fell in love with the overall atmosphere in Ibiza. Even that much it will be difficult to leave. But you don’t have to! Prolong this fantastic week and stay a bit longer! There’s so much to see and try here! Turn to us, Bonder & Co will make everything happen, you just enjoy the ride!

So LET’S RACE!! And meet here in Ibiza!!


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