When it come to Fashion, Prada is part of Glamorous the empire that invades the marvelous windows every season. This season silver bling makes us travel through the galaxy of luxury. Society speaks about the modern women, but what exactly is that? Whats the super women factor and how is that directly associated to Fashion? Well since we are little girls silk, cotton, our grandmothers jewelry, the baked cakes and dressing up our dolls are the small things that matter to us. Later we grow, we have our first love (thanks god that’s over!), problems arise, your start to accept your defaults, your find the men of your dreams and family is “wishy-washy”. Now the one thing that stays with us, familiar and on a daily basis is that passion for fashion. The exuberance of marvelous dress with matching shoes of course are after those long hours at the office what calms us in the most eclectic way. Hard to explain in words but its a sense of fulfillness that us women we cant get enough of!

Aliens, women, humans. What´s really the difference? In Ibiza one´s of the temples of beauty where masseuse, beautiful people, marvelous villas to rent and super yachts invade us during at least five months a years we make sure to pamper women and make their life sometimes a bit more Galactic, because at Bonder & Co we now where the real glam is! The cherry on the cake our personal shopper service in the best stores in Ibiza.

So Thank you Prada for being present our the Super Women´s Life!

Prada 2013

Image by Prada

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