Searching for house rentals or investments, you’ll come across various terms that might be quite difficult to understand, wondering what exactly they represent.

Lots of you might have heard or read the term ‘finca’ before and assumed it’s just another Spanish word for a house.

It’s not! In order to be completely satisfied with your rental or purchase, you have to properly understand what it stands for.

Finca, although commonly translated as ‘farm’, can have many appearances. It can be a small rural property or a large country estate, but the similarity is, that you are closer to nature.

Fincas are very sought after by international buyers and renters, because of the peace and quiet, away from the loud and crowded coastlines.  Sometimes it is because of the land surrounding the house, perfect for growing own vegetables and fruit or keep animals.

In tourism the term became extremely popular, used with holiday homes in a rural setting in the Spanish territories.

The house’s history can even look more than 300 years back overcoming the extent development. On the Balearics especially, also the new houses are built in the finca style as it suits the overall environment and gets increasing interest from the visitors.

But don’t misunderstand, finca does not stand only for something that is old, out of date or rustic. There are wonderful fincas modernly refurbished in a very stylish design.

Bonder & Co has few wonderful fincas included in the portfolio as well and we have to say our clients love the atmosphere that they deliver.

We included fa ew examples for you to see how exactly such a finca looks like.


Villa Lixia

Villa Lixia in Santa Gertrudis

Have your private hideaway in a spacious villa built in the hills of Santa Gertrudis. The house has not only extensive pool, lounge terraces where you can enjoy wonderful sunset, but also a large garden. This finca is great for children playing in the backyard or events around the pool.


Villa Jaume

Villa Jaume in Sant Josep

A newly renovated Ibicencan house from 1700 transformed into spacious contemporary villa equipped with modern amenities. Everything you need for the perfect holiday is there, the heated pool, terrace, garden and parking. Again his house is also suitable for children and events.


Villa De Luz

Villa De Luz in Sant Josep area

Stylish finca style villa surrounded by wonderful forests ideal for relaxing walks. You’ll have your own paradise in the amazing pool area with great mountain and distant sea views. With two separate guest rooms this villa is ideal for your family and friends to enjoy your stay on Island.


villa roman augustin

Villa Roman Agustin in San Agustin

Attractive Mediterranean style finca, recently refurbished with fresh and warm touch. A perfect property for you and your friends, without being far from the restaurants or entertainment, and with the beautiful sunset beaches nearby. With wonderful pool area, gardens and relaxing terraces to enjoy the long summer evenings.


villa agusta

Villa Agusta in San Agustin

This wonderful finca has been stylishly modernized to the highest standard whilst keeping its tradition. Around the house you can relax or dine on several terraces in beautiful gardens. The large pool has a decked has a chill out area for you to relax on whilst enjoying the views.

See? Even fincas can be luxurious. Rich in design or in the feel of connection to the beautiful Ibicencan nature.


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