Taste the famous Jabugo ham specially with Bonder & Co!


Jabugo ham is said to be the best Iberian ham in the world. Travelers from all around the world want to taste this delicious product and the Spanish only proudly smile. The taste of a sweet, nutty and rich meat is utterly addictive, no wonder it is a true Spanish specialty.

So where does it come from?

The origin is truly extraordinary, the ham is made only from black Iberian pigs that are pure-bred, eating acorns to give the meat unique nutty and sweet essence. In only four months the pigs double their size and weight up to 160 kg and their metabolism allows the fat to integrate into the muscles, resulting in a very distinctive flavor.

The ham is then stored in a great room with minimum light and heavy atmosphere where it can slowly mature hanging from the ceiling. And as with fine wine, time and patience is the key to produce the perfect Jabugo, from the birth  until the ready product it takes about four and a half years.

Once butchered, it is stored in mounds of sea salt for three weeks, after being washed it spends dying in the vast drying rooms for 24-30 months. Since the air there is cold and dry by day and humid at night, a unique mold grows on the ham adding the special flavor.

What’s also interesting?

And for those concerned a bit about the healthy aspect of food, don’t worry Jabugo ham’s oleic acid and mono-saturated fat stimulate the “good cholesterol” and 100g contains only 190 calories.

The serving is a big deal too! Did you know that there are schools in Spain dedicated to the precise and perfect carving of ham sending out the actual professionals? (and psst, their salaries are beyond average..)

We are very excited to share this amazing experience, it is a great and delicious evening or event complement to your luxury holidays by Bonder & Co. So we definitely suggest you to try it out!



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