For those who don’t know this amazing lady yet, we would love to introduce you probably the most famous designer in Ibiza, Charo Ruiz. Read the exclusive interview to a brilliant, authentically bohemian, fashion designer well known for featuring lace detailing and embroidery in her collections suiting women of all ages – capturing the real essence of Ibiza in fashion. 


charo ruiz


Mrs. Charo Ruiz is a well known fashion designer from Ibiza, regular participator in Ibiza Adlib fashion show,  focusing on women, wedding and ceremony collections manifesting the real Ibizan spirit. She agreed to share her journey and her  thoughts in an exclusive interview for Bonder & Co. Here we go!


1. Tell us a little bit about your beginnings of your fashion designer career.

I started my career as a model in the 60s but I come from a  dressmaker mother and grandmother, so my relation with fashion is part of who I am.  However, my beginning as a designer was in the hippy market of Es Canar in the 80s designing and selling very simple unisex clothes.


charo ruiz      

2. What brought you from Barcelona to Ibiza ?

LOVE, I felt in love with my boyfriend in Barcelona where I used to work for several  fashion designers, like Pertegaz or Santa Eulalia, and we decided to move to Ibiza in the late 70’s to enjoy the life, work and raise a family in this magic Island.


3. What sparks your interest and inspiration in fashion?

I’m a designer but I’m also an entrepeneur.

Step by step, I’ve been growing as a professional in this field and loving what I do is the best motivation to work hard with intention to show the world another way to understand the Ibicencan style.


charo ruiz charo ruiz

4. What is the message you wish to send across with your brand, dresses and your work?

A Charo Ruiz Ibiza dress, top o skirt is a piece of my humble contribution to the fashion history. A message of freedom to all those women who want to feel beautiful and never deny their feminine side.


5. What do you think is special about your wedding dresses and differentiate them from other designers?

I never liked the ostentation of the traditional wedding dresses that is why I wanted to offer an alternative to those women looking for a comfortable, romantic, bohemian or sexy option for such a special day.


charo ruiz 

6. What are the differences between the times you have started in Ibiza and now?

Many! There is more of everything; more clubs, more boats, more restaurants, more shops, more people, more noise… But I’m still in love with Ibiza.

It has remained my source of inspiration, where most cosmopolitan people of the world meet, where my best friends and family live, oh and Es Cavallet…


7. What are the future plans for the brand?

The gypsy/bohemian style which I’ve been working on since the 80s, is a trend now. So the market is asking for this concept everywhere. 

We just opened our flagship store in the heart of the city (Vara de Rey, 4 Ibiza) and for the time being, we are working on expanding our off line distribution network through our own stores and partnering with big names in the marketplace. Until now, You can find our collections in Harrods, El Corte Ingles, Aishti and Podivm.

The quality of the fabrics, and the lace I use in my pieces are exclusive. Since our entire production is made in Ibiza, Barcelona and Portugal, we can guarantee the highest quality of patterns and fitting in each piece of our collection.

charo ruiz

charo ruiz 

Many thanks to Charo Ruiz, at Bonder & Co we love her designs and the free spirit she interprets with the beautiful dresses and would love to share this beauty with all of you. If you wish to arrange a private fitting or private shopping experience, don’t hesitate and contact Bonder & Co.

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