La Troya Ibiza

La Troya Ibiza / Espuma

Brazilian Carnival in Ibiza? Sure! La Troya is the party to be! Plus a true FOAM party next doors!

This flamboyant, colorful and wild party held in the Terrace of Amnesia, will be carried on until the 24th September every Wednesday.

Like the other gay parties in Ibiza, each night of this event has even established themes. Previous years it was “Hell”, “Psychiatric Hospital” or “Prison”. This years themes sound much less controversial, “Movies” and “Sex Shop” for instance, although we can be 100% sure they will be crazy again!

Meanwhile in the main room there’s happening another great party called Espuma. This foam party controversially has decided to throw several events hosted by Paris Hilton last year and they are definitely planning to repeat it this season for four “Foam & Diamonds” nights ,on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th August.

Wuop wuop!


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