F me im famous Ibiza

F*** Me I’m Famous Ibiza!

F*** Me I’m Famous Ibiza 2014 tuning up every Thursday night at Pacha Ibiza!

Look forward to great 19 weeks of the Guettas presenting again this season an incredibly popular Thursday nights that are selling out so fast before you even blink! Welcoming host from all around the world eager to see the famous DJ, David Guetta, to do his magic alongside some amazing guests. If you think they’re playing the classic radio hits, you’re so wrong! They stay far from commercial, mixing house shifting to the dirty electro side instead. And this music plays on from the start till the end, no warm up DJs, no interruptions, just a real good party with gorgeous entertainers and beautiful dancers around .

The Thursdays’ Guetta party will go on till 2nd of October, so be sure not to miss it!

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