Enliven your body, mind and soul in more that 30 activities and number of different locations in Energy Week Ibiza.


Experience a week after all the party madness ends and enjoy the real Ibiza with all that the island has to offer. Every October the Energy Week invites active and holistic people to Ibiza to talk, learn and practice health, spirituality, fitness and wellness for one week of workshops, activities and seminars around the whole island. This week is a perfect way to teach all of us how to lead our lives in harmony with our body and holistic principles.


Energy Week Ibiza



  • Mornings: Activties outdoor, fitness workouts, compact courses
  • Mid-day: Free time for eating, beach and wellness
  • Afternoon and early evening: Seminars, lectures and workshops
  • All day: relaxation offers, individual treatments, coaching and sessions
  • Evenings: social end to the day with meals, art and music

For a detailed agenda please click HERE and for information about the speakers and lectures please click HERE.


In order to participate, you need an Energy-Pass, valid for certain time, that would be assigned to your name and so cannot be transferred. You have more options to choose from:



Energy Week-Pass (valid the entire week)

  • Week-Pass normal: 169 Euro
  • Week-Pass for members of the Asoc. Juntos en Ibiza: 119 Euro
  • Week-Pass for students up to 22 years old: 119 Euro
  • Week-Pass for handicapped and seniors (65+ years old): 119 Euro
  • Offer: With the purchase of 5 passes, you get one bonus pass free of charge!

Energy Day-Pass (valid 1 day)

  • Day-Pass normal: 35 Euro
  • Day-Pass for members of the Asoc. Juntos en Ibiza: 22 Euro
  • Day-Pass for students up to 22 years old: 22 Euro
  • Day-Pass for handicapped and seniors (65+ years old): 22 Euro

Intensive Weekend Seminar: October 25-26, 2014

  • Siranus Sven von Staden: “Theory and Practice of Quantum Energy Healing – Learn one of the most successful transformation and healing methods of the now age!”
  • Cost: 79 €
  • Language: English.
  • Please note: This activity is not included in the Energy Pass and must be booked separately! Participants with an Energy-Pass receive a signed book/CD from the speaker!


Energy Week Ibiza



  • Exercise: Free or reduced entry fees to all fitness activities
  • Consciousness work: Free or reduced entry fees to all lectures and workshops
  • Relaxation: Special reduced fees for massages, treatments and body work sessions
  • Adventure: Discover numerous wonderful places on the magical island Ibiza


Energy Week Ibiza


Please note, that buying an Energy-Pass doesn’t guarantee entry into classes if the maximum capacity has been reached. These are specified in the Agenda. For participation, please sign up in advance using contact forms or on-site. Also arrive at least 15 minutes before to avoid loosing your spot to someone on the waiting list.

Come and enjoy the healthy and holistic holiday week in Ibiza! Contact Bonder & Co to organize your rejuvenating week for you.




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