Have a hot and healthy body with Bonder & Co detox!


The summertime is coming! And that not only means, longer fabulous days, sun outside and lots of fun, but also teeny tiny dresses covering only a very little and beach side time! And we all know, that what’s the deal here…hot bikini bodies!

After the long cold and dark winter, it’s time to think how to revitalize your bodies from inside out and so make them beautiful and summer-ready.


Organic, detox, healthy,…


At Bonder & Co we are in love with all the healthy and organic foodies for any need. That means if you want to detoxicate, there is different boarding program required, than for instance if you would like to gain muscle mass or if you follow any specific diet such as vegan, kosher, raw food etc.

To enjoy a really great holiday without worries about your food plan or to try something new, you definitely have to try this!


Healthy Bonder & Co Food Baskets


These delicious baskets full of amazing products and meals for you to enjoy the whole day are such great news! They include for instance freshly squeezed juices, wholegrain warm pastries, fresh herbal teas, healthy snack bars, delicious rich main dishes and number of other delicatessen for 150 €.

And as the delivery to your door step and set up is held early in the morning at 8.30, there’s no need for you to worry about your sweet tooth, there’ll be no space without these delicatessen for you to search through the kitchen for any “forbidden” foods.

Most of the baskets’ content is manually prepared by our top chef Carlota Bonder, of course fresh and healthy, providing all the enzymes and vitamins your body needs, so lets pamper yourself, it’s a holiday!

But what’s more…your body will be thankful and repay it to you when you put that hot designer bikini on and feel amazingly revitalized. Yum!


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