The White Island we know to the core and so we love to advise on anything. Whether on the chic and cool spots to go to on Thursday night for instance, little local fashion boutiques selling hand crafted jewelry  or the juiciest fresh made out there.

And so when some one like Condé Nast Traveler, who we respect deeply,  ask us to contribute to the “green movement” topic,  of course we’ll help!

Hotel Les Jardins de Palerm

As we all know, Ibiza is very cool and modern place to go to, but not many of you also know that the island with its little sister Formentera try to send out the “green” message as much as possible. Not only these destinations promote the local foods, ingredients and products but they also know and cherish the great value of the beautiful natural and historical heritage.

Sure you can find many fancy schmancy houses and ultra minimalistic restaurants, but let’s feel the real beauty of these islands. And together with Condé Nast Traveler we’ve created a green guide for you. So read here more about where to stay for the natural experience, including our beautiful and peaceful villas, where to go, what to try and see.

But just for you to get intrigued to look at this interesting article, we give you here a short and quick tour through the green Ibiza. There’s no better place to enjoy dining in the nature than in charming restaurant called La Paloma Café, set in a small garden among orchids and orange trees, serving up homemade food with homegrown vegetables and herbs,, for instance. Another amazing place to visit is definitely Finca Can Munson, an organic farm educating the visitors about the process of planting and Ibiza’s customs alongside some really fun activities such as teaching how to bake a bread that you can proudly take home with you. But some of you are the lazier ones and serving healthy and balanced food right to your home is a much better looking option, so try out our top chef Carlota Bonder, who we wrote about few weeks ago (read about the yummy delicatessen in a box she makes). 

But enough about the food already, or otherwise we stop writing and run to one of the places mentioned above. Let’s inform you with some accommodation facts. For these who prefer to stay in a hotel, there’s a really gorgeous rustic one, Hotel Les Jardins de Palerm. A total relaxation kingdom inspired by Ibiza’s simplicity and nature. 9 rooms, surrounded by fountains, pool and vegetation on a hillside overlooking Sant Josep and hosting celebrities and international crowds. For these, who prefer stay privately at their own villa, there are a few perfect ones following the green movement: Villa Mabrun or Villa Kal for example.

And Formentera is on the ‘green path’ as well! Check out the must see places there while staying in an idyllic Villa Peace.

Villa Peace

We’re so happy to share our ideas, especially in such a great magazine as Condé Nast Traveler!



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