The famous quote “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, absolutely applies to Ibiza as well. Actually I’m not sure WHY it’s not being generalized for the White Island yet.. But your holiday wouldn’t be so ‘Ibiza style’ like if you only manage to procure a double bedroom in a hotel with very very thin walls instead of a stunning private villa with a sea view, couldn’t get reservations at the hottest restaurant and were rejected VIP entry into the best nightclubs.

Organising Ibiza holidays is difficult for several reasons.

  1. Finding the most amazing villa in the price range you have in mind
  2. Knowing and booking all the activities the island offers
  3. Gaining access to the hottest events and sparkling nightlife


This all requires hours of inquiring through thousands of portals and who has time for such a time consuming research nowadays (when you have so many important appointments starting from hairdresser, “business coffee”, “business drink” etc).

Let’s talk a bit about concierge service and why it is an absolute necessity. Not only it gives you a full experience from just one point, upgrades, VIP access and eliminates all the hassle; but let’s be honest, it will make you feel like a star. Of course during your stay, but moreover after as well when you throw in a comment among your friends/colleagues/new connections/frenemies that thanks to your PERSONAL concierge you did go and did try EVERYTHING that matters. Not bad..


So when you hear concierge remember these expressions:


Let’s take a closer look if you still need a bit of convincing:

Concierge services provide ONE-STOP-SHOP for your Ibiza itinerary. Beyond the fancy schmancy accommodation, you have thousands of options where to go relish calamari, sepias and the most wow creatures fished out even from Mariana Trench, dance shoeless and shameless on tables in the hottest day and nightclubs or spatter champagne from the cheesy white limousine. The thing is, these guys offer add-ons and bespoke services to help you create your dream itinerary. Look at it this way. You’re not their first client. That doesn’t mean they won’t treat you like you’re THE ONE, that means, they know how to approach various personalities and have established repertoire of appropriate suggestions to meet every particular taste.


You never know here in Ibiza.. One week it’s completely fine to walk by a restaurant finding a seat but next week this would be impossible. The same with beach clubs and nightclubs. I hardly doubt that when you’re spending a week here, calling thousands of numbers, friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and waiting the whole day to hear no at the end, is the right holiday ingredient you’re looking for.  Enjoy, relax, call a concierge and let them sort it out for you! The service guarantees the entry and trust me even in the busiest nights they will fight for your chance to shine.

The same goes for all the other arrangements. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is sometimes to agree with people working here on the island on times, amounts, conditions etc. And then sometimes, they don’t show up! Who has time for this, let others deal with all of it and you just enjoy the final product or service as a king, or queen of course, pardonne-moi.


Also, another benefit – the concierge represents few roles, you would have to look for otherwise, in one. First of all, a personal assistant, then your diary, your friend having your best interest in mind, personal shopper, personal guide, nightlife specialist, lifestyle manager, travel agent, emergency contact, your home manager or even an event planner.

Oh yes by the way, the event planning! This person will not only help you with your day-to-day errands and request, but throw a glam/sexy/exciting/lovely/wonderful/smart party for you as well. As they know what luxury means, no wonder they have a refined taste and know how to prepare a party with style no matter whether it’s romantic for couple, incentive trip for your work team or hundreds of excited guests.


Yes yes, you sense right, I see them as gods. But that’s only because I have the chance to see these Charlie’s angels in action and it’s amazing how and what they’re capable of.

Plus, they are hot, sarcastic and devoted. Killing combination..





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